192.168 1.1 Change Password

192.168 1.1 Many router companies have a specific IP address that requires you as a user to log into their admin panel. In many cases it can be seen that you can access your admin panel even though you know the correct IP address, but in this case you must follow some specific rules. Login through IP address is a special duty of all of us because when a router is bought from the market an IP address is given and every router has a separate gateway IP address.

A router password is one of the most important part which carries the complete security of your router. In order to determine how many users you want to connect to your router and how many you don’t want to have any idea about your router’s password, you must collect the right information about the stone. In this situation, if you have such an intention, then you need to enter the admin panel and change the password.

Because of which you must follow a specific rule through which you can easily change your password. For you here today we have shared all kinds of information related to how to change password in Ray Article 192.168 1.1 and change password setting by entering admin panel. You can proceed at your convenience and change your password by following our instructions.

192.168 1.1 Change Password

192.168 1.1 The rule to change the password using the IP address is very simple, but many people do not know the correct method. For you to follow the correct procedure, we have mentioned here how to change the password in detail.

Before changing the password you have to remember that you are activated through WiFi and you have to change the password. Besides, your mobile or computer device must be connected to WiFi and you can now change the password using any browser.

  • First, enter your device into a browser and enter the IP address 192.168 1.1 in the address bar.
  • An interface will appear in front of you to enter your admin panel.
  • Enter your teacher username and password in the appropriate space.
  • Just click on the login option and you will be entered into your account and you can now control everything from the admin panel.
  • Next enter the router setting options.
  • After doing this option, you will see various options, you must click on the advanced option from there.
  • Then click on Tools option and enter your current password.
  • Enter the new password you want to use. However, try to use a strong password when using the password.
  • Re-enter the new password you provided.
  • If the information provided by you is correct, your new password is secured as soon as it is saved. Later whenever you enter the admin panel you must login using this password.

It is only possible to change your router’s password when you try to follow the instructions above correctly. In many cases, there are problems in using the password, in which case you can follow our other instructions if you want. We always share all kinds of information to help you through our articles.

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