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ABX Express Contact Number, Hotline Number & Tracking

If you want to deliver the product from the same place to another place within Malaysia, you need to contact the courier service. Although there are several courier services in Malaysia, one of the courier services that provide the highest service to their customers is ABX. This courier service has been working for a long time to deliver your products safely and quickly.

Currently, branches of this courier service have been launched in every place in Malaysia, because of which the courier service will help you in delivering your products no matter where you live now. If you want to deliver the products that are easily portable to your friends and relatives then you must contact ABX Courier Service. In this situation, you have to collect the numbers of ABX Courier Service and after contacting them, you will be sent your product by paying the delivery charges of the courier service.

But unfortunately there are many of us who are not aware of the contact numbers of ABX Express Courier Service. Because they always want to present everything to their customers in a new way. Due to which they use different types of contact numbers to provide maximum service to customers. At present, each of their branches has a separate number on which you can contact them.

  • Phone:(+88) 01711-529548

ABX contact number sabah

ABX contact number tawau

ABX malaysia contact number

ABX kota kinabalu contact number

ABX kuching contact number

It is very important for you to collect their official customer service and contact numbers to avoid any complications. We are always ready to help you in this situation and here we are going to share with you all the contact numbers of ABX. Collect the number of the nearest place of your choice from below and contact.

When you deliver a product of ABX Express, you are given a User ID number, using that number you can verify the correct information about where your product is currently located. That is, if you want to check the status of your delivery, then go to their official website and enter your parcel ID number. You will know about the current status of your product as soon as it is submitted.

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