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Agrani Bank Singapore Money Rates Today

Agrani Bank is a popular bank in Bangladesh and among all the private banks in our country, this bank has been able to take its popularity to the top. Agrani Bank of Bangladesh has a large number of sub-branches and branches and now branches have been opened at each district and upazila level. But do you know that Agrani Bank has been able to create its own branches abroad even across the borders of the country.

Every year, thousands of people from Bangladesh go to Singapore, one of the most economically developed countries in Asia, for their work. As a Singaporean citizen or because you live in Singapore as an expatriate, you may now be a regular member. Thousands of dollars come to our country as remittances from Singapore every year and if you are a resident of Singapore and want to send money to Bangladesh, you can resort to Agrani Bank.

Whenever you open an account with Agrani Bank from Singapore, you can make financial transactions from there. In case of economic transactions, you must exchange money, i.e. instead of the currency you have in Singapore, when you send it to Bangladesh, it gets converted into Bangladeshi taka. As a Bangladeshi living in Singapore, you can do financial transactions at a fixed rate while sending money to family and relatives in your country.

You have to be a little careful in making financial transactions because the rate of the dollar increases and sometimes decreases depending on the global financial system. In this case, as a Singapore resident, you should know the rate when you send money to your home country. In this case we can help you and we provide daily updated information here so that you can know the dollar rate in a short time.

Agrani Bank Singapore Money Rates Today

As a customer of Agrani Bank, you may prefer to do financial transactions through them now. In this case, if you want to exchange money from Agrani Bank today or convert money, then you must know. Here we have prepared a chart for you where the correct information is given in this sequence based on which you can now collect the correct information.

Singapore Dollars (SGD) Bangladeshi Taka (BDT)
1 82.18
10 821.80
100 8,218.00
1000 82,180.00


Agrani Exchange Singapore Today Rate

This is really good news for all the Bangladeshis who are in Singapore because when they send money from Singapore to themselves for their families, they must be shown the rate we have here. We are constantly updating the dollar rate here so that you can know about the daily exchange rate in a short period of time.

Agrani Bank is a popular bank in Bangladesh and currently they have more facilities than other banks in the country due to which you have to exchange money through them to enjoy these facilities. Since you want to send money to the country from Singapore, you have to go to the nearest branch of Agrani Bank and from there you send the money to the bank with the number of the bank, it will be converted into local currency.

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