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AK Travels Bus Counter Number & Ticket Price

AK Travels is currently a popular bus service in Bangladesh. If you want to use bus as a means of transportation to travel from one end of the country to the other in a comfortable environment then AK Travels is best for you. This time the service authorities are currently providing their own high quality bus service on every route of the country. There are many of us who feel comfortable traveling by bus, especially to reach from one district to another district in a short time. Bus is our means of communication.

AK Travels is a popular and large bus service authority in Bangladesh which has more than 100 under its control. This time, the service authorities are trying their best to serve the customers, especially the passengers so that they can reach their destination safely from one end of the country to the other. Before traveling through any bus service, you must collect all the information about the surroundings so that you can contact them if you face any kind of problem.

For this purpose, we have shared detailed information regarding the counter number and ticket price per passenger of all the bus services of AK Travels in the country. We believe that the information provided by us will play an important role for you and after collecting the information from here you can travel safely through AK Travels bus services based on proper information.

AK Travels Bus Counter List with Number 

AK Travels authority has launched many of their buses for regular travel all over Bangladesh. Especially if your destination is in Dhaka, Chittagong and Khulna districts, then I want to tell you that among all the bus services on this route, the best service is AK Travels. So you may have decided to travel through AK Travels so you must know the list of counters they have.

For your information, we have contacted the AK Travels Authority and collected the official counter list they have and published it on this website. Not only the counter list that we have published here, but also the contact numbers on their counters, that is, the numbers that you can contact to know about the bus schedule and ticket prices have been published here.

SL Division
1 Dhaka Gabtali 1 no COUNTERS Phone: 01709-964204
2 Dhaka Gabtali 2 NO. counters Phone: 01709-964205
3 Dhaka Gabtali 3 no. counters Phone: 01709-964206
4 Dhaka Kalyanpur counters Phone: 01709-964207
5 Dhaka Shyamoli 1 no. counters Phone: 01709-964208
6 Dhaka Shyamoli 2 no. counters Phone: 01709-964209
7 Dhaka Panthapath counters Phone: 01709-964210
8 Dhaka Lake Circus, Kalabagan, 1205 Phone: 01709-964211
9 Dhaka Motijheel counters Phone: 01709-964212
10 Dhaka Malibag counters Phone: 01709-964213
11 Dhaka Abdullahpur counters Phone: 01709-964214
12 Dhaka Nabinagar counters Phone: 01709-964269
13 Dhaka Savar counters Phone: 01709-964270
14 Chattogram AK Khan COUNTERS Phone: 01709-964216
15 Chattogram Gorib ullah shah mazar counters, Dampara Phone: 01709-964217
16 Chattogram Cantonment Super Market, Baizid Bostami, 4210 Phone: 01711-735349
17 Khulna Royal more 1 NO. counters Phone: 01709-964197
18 Khulna Royal more 2no. counters Phone: 01709-964198
19 Khulna Shibbari more counters Phone: 01709-964199
20 Khulna Sonadanga bus terminal counters Phone: 01709-964200
21 Khulna Notun rasta more counters Phone: 01709-964158
22 Khulna Boyra bazar counters, khulna Phone: 01709-964159
23 Khulna Daulatpur counters, khulna Phone: 01709-964160
24 Khulna Phulbari bus station counters Phone: 01709-964161
25 Khulna Phultala counters, khulna Phone: 01709-964162

Some others Districts Counter Phone Number

In the above section, we are publishing the list of AK Travels counters only in Dhaka, Chittagong and Khulna districts. But as part of the discussion, we would like to tell you that apart from all the districts, their new buses are currently running in several other districts.

Due to which you can easily go to other parts of the country in a short period of time through this bus service. However, before traveling through this service, you need to know about the counter numbers of the counters in other districts and the ticket prices set by them. Below we have published the list of counters in several districts and their contact numbers.

SL Division
1 Benapole Benapole CONTERS Phone: 01709-964193
2 Narail Kalia counters Phone: 01709-964173
3 Narail Lakshipasha counters Phone: 01709-964172
4 Narail Rupganj counters Phone: 01709-964171
5 Narail Narail BUS Station counter Phone: 01709-964202
6 Paikgacha Tala countrs Phone: 01709-964156
7 Paikgacha Kapilmani counters Phone: 01709-964157
8 Paikgacha Paikgacha Counters Phone: 01709-964201
9 Satkhira Manirampur counters Phone: 01709-964155
10 Satkhira Chinitola counters Phone: 01709-964154
11 Satkhira Keshabpur counters Phone: 01709-964153
12 Satkhira Chuknagar counters Phone: 01709-964152
13 Satkhira Patkal Ghata counters Phone: 01709-964151
14 Satkhira Jhikargacha bus stand counters Phone: 01709-964150
15 Satkhira Navaran bazar bus stop counters Phone: 01709-964149
16 Satkhira Jamtala counters Phone: 01709-964148
17 Satkhira Bug-Acra Phone: 01709-964147
18 Satkhira Kalaroa bus station Phone: 01709-964146
19 Satkhira Parulia bus stand countes, debhata Phone: 01709-964145
20 Satkhira Nalta counters Phone: 01709-964144
21 Satkhira Kaliganj counters Phone: 01709-964143
22 Satkhira Shyamnagar bus stand counters Phone: 01709-964192
23 Satkhira Satkhira counters Phone: 01709-964191
24 Satkhira Satkhira 1 no. counters Phone: 01709-964190

Based on the information given above, you have come to know about all the bus services of AK Travels. Our article has been written about the counter number ticket prices of the buses that are traveling to different groups of the country including AK Travels. You can know all those information very easily by reading our articles.


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