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Bangladesh RAB Contact Number & Address Info

The Armed Forces of Bangladesh, known as Rapid Action Battalion RAB, has been working in every divisional city for the security of the country. The rebel forces have always been steadfast in their duty to eradicate crime and corruption in the country. RAB has been working as a friend to the people of Bangladesh for a long time.

If you have seen any criminal activity in your area and can identify any person involved in any crime then action can be taken against them by contacting RAB in Bangladesh. Due to which there are many who are interested to know about Bangladesh RAB mobile number and address.

For your purpose, we have published the contact numbers of each department in Bangladesh through our website, as well as the details of the address to which you can contact the RAB office directly. You can contact any office near you directly if you want and you can stand up against crime.

Bangladesh RAB Contact Number & Address All Division

Bangladesh RAB is determined to stop the overall crime in the country. The number of crimes in Bangladesh has been increasing with the passage of time due to which Bangladesh RAB has been working for a long time to stop it. Bangladesh RAB has always dedicated itself to the service of the people due to which RAB offices have been established in every divisional city of the country.

Bangladesh Police Contact Number & Address

A total of 14 RAB offices have been set up across the country to serve the public where you can contact your nearest office directly to collect the information you need as well as apply for any criminal action.



For you, we have published a list of RAB offices all over Bangladesh in Bangladesh and specifically mentioned each of its numbers there. So the numbers that we have given in the following part have been given to us officially by the head of Bangladesh RAB. We have provided the contact numbers of the RAB contacts of each department here continuously. You can contact any of the nearest RAB offices directly or by contact number.

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