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Bashundhara City Gold Shop Name, Mobile Number & Address

Are you looking to buy gold ornaments then our special guide for you is that the biggest and most trusted gold shops in Bangladesh are currently located in Bashundhara City. Bashundhara City is the second largest shopping mall in Bangladesh where you will find all the products of your daily use. Each floor of Bashundhara City has been segregated based on the product. Those of you who are interested in buying gold can go to Bashundhara City because here you can buy 24 carat gold without alloy.

The shopkeepers here have created a family to do business where you are treated very nicely and they have given these shops after long research on gold. So if you want to buy any gold jewelery or want to buy it in Dhaka then immediately enter Bashundhara City and buy it by contacting the gold shop.

So if you are interested in buying gold through gold shops in Bashundhara City then the good news for you is that we have collected the names and addresses of all the gold shops located in Bashundhara City and published them through our website. Based on the information given below, you can easily buy the gold of your choice.

Bashundhara City Gold Shop List , Address & Contact Number

Bashundhara City is the second largest shopping mall in Bangladesh under the control of Bashundhara Group of Industries. Owners have arranged this Bashundhara City with advanced technology due to which you will find all the high quality appliances in the shopping mall and if you are interested in buying gold then you can immediately rush to Bashundhara City. Bashundhara city is generally popular nowadays only for gold shops due to which people from different parts of the country and abroad always enter this shopping mall only to buy gold.


If you want to buy real gold from the market then you can immediately enter Bashundhara City of Dhaka and buy real gold from a shop of your choice. But the sad thing is that there are many people who even after coming to Bashundhara City do not know where the gold shops are, due to which many people go far away from buying real gold. In order to help you, we have been providing all the information for a long time due to which we have made a list of gold shops in Bashundhara City along with their addresses and contact numbers to establish their contact.

Based on the above given information, you can know the detailed information about all gold shops in Bashundhara City. We have tried our best to give you the correct information but the store may close at any time and if you wish you can definitely contact them before going to buy gold. The mobile number provided in the above section is always enabled for customers and if you have any problem then you can contact Bashundhara City helpline number.

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