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In this age of information technology, we have become more dependent on online activities. In earlier days, we used to go to the market with people, but nowadays, with the help of e-commerce websites, we can get all kinds of products from our homes. Daraz, the most popular e-commerce website in Bangladesh, is now able to send its products to the country and abroad by connecting with a popular courier service.

Maybe you have already heard the name of BD-Dex Courier Service, if you order any product from Daraj now, then surely your home delivery will reach through this courier service. If we have ordered any product from online then a tension works in our mind that when our product will reach. But as we have already read you, the advancement of information technology has made our current life more secure.

BD- Dex has tied up with Courier Services to deliver their products to our doorsteps. When a product is ordered, it is tried to reach the customer through courier service from Daraz store. BD-Dex being a reliable company in Daraz in this case hands over their product to them. Then when you purchase a product, you are given an ID number, using that ID number you can now be sure to know about the current status of your product.

There are many people in our country who do not know the correct information about how to track their products in BD-Dex Courier Service. In order to give them accurate information, through today’s article, we will share with you how BD-Dex will show accurate tracking of where a product is located, i.e. where is the current location of the product. So without wasting time try to follow our instructions properly so that you can know the current location of your product.

BD- Dex Tracking Daraz

Due to the presence of the most popular e-commerce website in the country, we constantly order various products here. Whenever you order any product from Daraz, you must create a personal profile and you will be shown all kinds of updates from its profile. So you must follow the instructions given below to track your current product.



  • First you have to enter the official website of Daraz
  • After coming to the official page, different categories will be shown in front of you, from there you must click on Track My Order option.
  • In the next step, enter the order number that you have correctly. That is, after making the payment, you are given an order number, you have to enter that number.
  • Once submitted, enter the school below and see the current position of your product.

Finally we want to tell you that they are a company where the product will be delivered to you within the specified time that is mentioned while ordering. This e-commerce website has been operating for a long time due to which you can order any of their products with confidence. BD-Dex does most of their operations online so read other articles on our website to learn more about courier service trucking.

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