Brahmaputra Express Train Schedule & Ticket Price

We may all know Brahmaputra train is a very famous intercity train of Bangladesh. Which is constantly moving from Dhaka to Dewanganj. This Brahmaputra Express train is almost faster than other trains.

All the passengers who travel in this train do not face any inconvenience due to the operation as per the order of Bangladesh Railway office. Because all the people who used to travel from Dhaka to Dewanganj can now travel by this Brahmaputra train very easily which saves people a lot of time and money.

At that time there was no train from Dhaka to Dewanganj. People used to have a lot of trouble traveling on this route. As there was no specific vehicle at that time, the passengers were confused about the vehicles. But now the traffic from Dhaka to Dewanganj route has become very convenient.

Passengers can now travel on this Brahmaputra train only if they arrive at the station at the specified time. But now for the first time those of you who are thinking of going to Dewanganj from Dhaka on the Brahmaputra Express train. They may not know about this train schedule and ticket fare list.

So to give you detailed information about this train, we have published in this article about Brahmaputra train schedule and ticket fare. You can easily know when you can go from Dhaka to Dewanganj on the Brahmaputra train and how much you have to pay for the fare. Know now Brahmaputra train schedule and ticket fare list without further delay. Which is very important for you to know

Brahmaputra Express Train Schedule:

Many trains run in Bangladesh. All the trains that run from one end of Bangladesh to another end. All these trains have a specific timing. At which time the trains leave for traveling from one place to another. Similarly, the Bakhsapatra Express train also has a fixed time when it leaves Dhaka and reaches Dewanganj. The time which every train passenger should know.

Because if you don’t know the time when these trains run. But you will not get these trains by going to the station. So if you know the specific time. But you can catch these trains by going to the station according to that time. So definitely know the schedule of this Bakshaputra Express train.


(Dhaka to Dewanganj)
Departure Time : 18:15
Arrival Time : 23:50
Holidays: No

(Dewanganj to Dhaka)
Departure time :06:40
Arrival time : 12:40
Holidays: No

This was the Buschputra Express train schedule. Which you may have understood. He also found out the time of departure from Dhaka to Dewanganj and the time of his return to Dhaka from Dewanganj.

This train runs every day of the week. So passengers can travel in this train every day. So if you want to go from Dhaka to Dewanganj or Dewanganj to Dhaka. In that case you have to remember these times. But I think you can catch the trains at certain times.

Brahmaputra Express Train Ticket Fare List:

If you want to travel with less money, you have to travel by train because you will have to pay less money as a result of traveling by train.

So if you want to travel in Brakshapatra Express train. In that case you have to pay some amount of rent which is much less than other vehicles.


Sobhan: 185
Decorative Chair: 225
First Seat : 300
Snigdha: 426

There are several seat categories with different fares, as you can enjoy different amenities in each cabin. Due to which you have to pay different rent.

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