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CIDB Contact Number, Careline

Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) is a popular government institution in Malaysia where all activities of the construction industry are generally done. This government autonomous institution is playing the most important role in establishing the major buildings of all the government institutions in Malaysia. As a Malaysian citizen, the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) is of special importance to you because if you want to construct a new building, you must contact their branch office.

Currently, Malaysia is a developed country, so there are big buildings in every remote area starting from the departmental city. Because the standard of living of the people here is much better and they usually prefer to build houses. If you want to create a new establishment then you must follow the government notice and you have to follow all the instructions given by them to create the establishment.

Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) offices are now established in every divisional city in Malaysia, so you can now easily contact them directly and if you have any kind of problem or get an urgent notice, you can contact them. But there are many Malaysian citizens who are not aware of the easier means of communicating with them. In order to help them, we are going to write this article today where we will share all the information in detail.

Tel: +27 86 100 2432 or +27 12 482 7200

Anonymous Fraud Line: 0800 112 432

Undoubtedly, Malaysia is a developed country in the world, due to which the people here are now economically well off. There are many people who are building houses for their residence and there are many people who are building different business establishments for their business expansion. In this situation, the organization that will play the most important role for you is the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB).

If you want to contact this organization directly in your departmental city then you need to know the official address they have. On the other hand, all the contact numbers to contact them should be collected. In this age of internet it is not difficult to find any information that’s why if you are looking for Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) contact numbers then happy news for you is that you are going to get that information through today’s article.

For the purpose of helping you, we have published here all the information related to Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) which their official website is used to manage their branches and sub-branches. We hope that after collecting the information from here, you can start your construction industry work in a short time and if you are facing any kind of obstacles from the government then you can contact this company.

Any other organization in Malaysia can get the idea by reading our other articles to collect the contact number and any of their information. Because we regularly publish articles on various topics here and you can collect the information from here in a very short time and use it. Next you can follow our other articles to know any information about any country.

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