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150+ New Comment on Friends Post for Facebook & Instagram

After family, the person with whom we spend the most time in life is our friend. In every field of life we find them in danger-in trouble-in happiness-sadness in every place we try to be by their side. From childhood till death every human has friends in life and we always try to maintain good relationship with friends. Some may have formed friendship with you since childhood, some started with school life, some in college life, and some in work life.

Due to the immense importance of friends in a person’s life, we always want them to live happily and peacefully. We try to find our close friends who are far and wide whenever they open an account or try to find them through various social media. As a friend another close always expects something good from you which is why social media Facebook WhatsApp Twitter whenever someone posts here you can fill his heart with joy by leaving a nice comment.

You can now express love to friends very easily through social media. For example, if you have a friend, when you post a picture or post through his social media Facebook Instagram Twitter, your friend wants you to make a beautiful comment. In general we avoid friends with a small comment but in most cases you will be more in depth about your friends then you can make a nice comment.

At this point you may already be searching the internet for some of the best comments to comment on that friend’s post. If this is your intention, then we are here to help you and we have shared here some of the most beautiful friends to comment on. If you want, you can copy any comment you like from here and paste it on your friend’s post.

Comments on Friends Post on Facebook

In a popular social media like Facebook whenever you have many friends in your friends list and everyone shares something every day. As your friend whenever someone shares something you should be there for him and since he loves to like comment and share so you should leave a comment on his post. But you are in doubt about what to comment, which is why you expect a nice comment in this situation.

  1. You’re glowing!
  2. Beauty Queen.
  3. Your smile is contagious.
  4. Your beauty has no boundaries.
  5. You are my sunshine.
  6. Just as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside.
  7. This pic has had me smiling at my phone all day!
  8. You really light up a room…and my Instagram feed.
  9. Who allowed you to look so cute?
  10. Can’t believe there’s finally a photo worth a billion dollars!

These nice comments can deepen the friendship between you. Which is why it is your duty as a friend to make a nice comment. There are many people who can create such beautiful comments by themselves but in most cases we prefer to share such comments from the internet. Our special team is always ready for your comments. Because we have shared some beautiful comments here as per your needs which you will like.

Comments on Friends Post on Instagram

There are many friends in your life who have now opened Instagram accounts and are constantly posting about different things. Sometimes they share pictures and sometimes they share different types of text where you are shown an option to comment. Since you are on his friend list, you must leave a nice comment. There are many people who can’t find the same comment so for them we have shared some beautiful comments here which will be your favorite.

  1. You look fresher than a $15 salad.
  2. Do you have a tip jar? Because you are serving!
  3. Aren’t you tired of making us all so jealous?
  4. Get the fire department on the phone…we have a hottie alert!
  5. Has Instagram turned into a telescope? Because I’m looking at a star.
  6. Someone call life alert…I’ve fallen for you and I can’t get up!
  7. Stop, drop, and roll…you are straight fire.
  8. Turns out you weren’t lying when you said you’d been hitting the gym!
  9. I love this pic more than we love pizza…which is saying a lot.
  10. Everyone else might as well pack up and go home…no one is going to top this.
  11. Turning on my hotspot for when this breaks the internet.
  12. You’re finally almost as hot as I am.

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