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DBC News Presenter List, Contact Number & Social Links

Dhaka Bangla Media and Communication Limited which we know as DBC. Recently the government of Bangladesh has approved the direct broadcasting of the channel for inclusion in Bangladesh Cable Network. If you want to get any news 24 hours a day then you must watch this channel regularly. Undoubtedly, DBC is one of the biggest news TV channels today, because of which people of all ages watch this channel every day.

DBC News Authority usually appoints its reporters every year, in which case they give special preference to handsome and articulate personalities. If you notice that they have news presenters, the boys are more handsome and the girls are more beautiful. So if you contact the DBC news presenters about the situation in your area and if you want to share any kind of news then the authorities will publish your news through TV after verification.

In this case, you must know the information about the news presenters they have and if you can give them the information through all the social media Facebook pages they have, then it will be much easier for you to make contact with them. But the sad thing is that there are many who are not aware of the names and list of these news presenters, today’s article is specially written to inform them.

So as part of the discussion we are going to share with you the list of most popular news channel DBC news presenters. Finally all your speculations are coming to an end and we are able to provide the link rather than contact them here which is collected from DBC news authorities. So follow our instructions without wasting time and make contact with them by following the means given here to contact them in Bangladesh.

DBC News Presenter List

As a common citizen it is very important for you to know the name of the news presenter and their contact details. Because if you contact them, a good relationship will be created with them and you can share with them any unpleasant incident that happened in your area or any such amazing incident through TV.

Jamuna TV News Presenter List

Due to which many of us are looking for the list of DBC news presenters on the internet. Finally we have been able to publish here the list of news presenters they have by talking to the authorities. Usually DBC news authorities have made a fixed schedule at different times and based on the rat they present their different news presenters in front of us. We have shared detailed information about each news presenter’s name, phone number, social media link to make contact with them.

  • Manzurul Hoque
  • Israt Jahan
  • Farjana Zahir Pomi

All the list and contact numbers we have provided for you in the above section are accurate so you can collect them from here and make contact with them freely. Apart from all this information and if you are interested in knowing the list of any news presenters in Bangladesh, their contact numbers, then you can collect their information from here by reading our development articles.

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