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Dhaka Division All Police Control Number

The police are man’s best friend. We resorted to the police because of any legal complications. The man we find next to us instead of in danger is the police. Because the police are friends of the people, they are engaged in public service 24 hours a day.

Those of you who live in the Dhaka division know that due to the large population here, various types of criminal activities like corruption and crime are being carried out regularly. If you are facing any of these problems for any reason, you can contact the Dhaka Division Police.

The numbers of each police control room across the country have been officially displayed on banners in every place of Dhaka by the Dhaka Divisional Commissioner of Police. We have published the numbers of each of the police control rooms in the Dhaka division to help you in case of any emergency. So collect the numbers from the bottom and contact the police to report your problem.

Dhaka Division All Police Control Number

About 6 crore people live in Dhaka, the most important and largest division of Bangladesh. Due to the large population, the number of criminal activities in this department is increasing day by day. A number of measures have been taken by the Bangladesh government to the Bangladesh Police through which these crimes have started to decrease gradually.

If you are in any danger or need any help from Bangladesh Police then you can contact the Country Police Control Room which is part of Dhaka Division. However, it is unfortunate that many people in Dhaka division have no idea about this control room number.



To help you, we have published a list of all the police control numbers of Dhaka Division through our website. Therefore you can call all these control numbers in case of any need as there are always 24 hour police personnel in the control room waiting to help you.

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