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Dhaka WASA Emergency Contact Number

The Water Supply and Sewerage Authority is a Bangladesh government agency under the Ministry of Local Government, which supplies water to every part of the Dhaka division, so that the people who live in Dhaka need all the water they need for their daily use.

If you are using the water provided by Dhaka WASA authority in your daily work, you need to contact the Emergency Contact Number to solve any problem. Due to which if you are a citizen of Dhaka then the good news for you is that Dhaka WASA authorities have fixed a contact number for their customers where you can call and find out all the information you need.

In order to help you, we have recorded and published the contact numbers of Dhaka WASA through our website. So you will read our entire article and collect the important information you need about Dhaka WASA and contact directly or hotline number.

Dhaka WASA Emergency Contact Number

We can’t go on for a moment without our eternal friend in the water. Water plays an important role especially for the citizens who are staying in Dhakai. They cannot supply water through village tubes or through motors. Dhaka WASA authorities usually supply their own water.

You should contact the Dhaka WASA Authority in case of any mechanical faults or billing problems in the water supply. We have published the Dhaka WASA Emergency Contact Number here to help those who are looking for numbers to contact the Dhaka WASA authorities.

Bangladesh RAB Contact Number

So you can use any number you need. WASA has set up its own offices in different parts of Dhaka. You can contact the nearest WASA Emergency Contact Number in the area where you live and provide them with all the information you need or if there is a problem with the error.

Dhaka WASA authorities are always engaged in your work so if you reveal to them all the problems you are facing, your problem will be solved within 24 hours. The Dhaka WASA authorities are constantly providing new solutions to the problems that usually occur. First you can determine your problem and contact Dhaka WASA office directly or on hotline number.

Bangladesh Police Contact Number

  • Head Office Control Room : 8110596
  • WASA Fakirapul: 9356957, 9358615
  • WASA Chadni Ghat: 7312589
  • WASA Lalmatia: 8120205
  • WASA Mirpur: 9003842, 9002648
  • WASA Mohakhali: 9899340
  • WASA Badda: 8833719
  • WASA Hatkhola: 9568705
  • WASA Narayangong: 7630528, 9750016

Based on the information given above, you have already got detailed information about the contact numbers of all the regions of Dhaka WASA. Visit our website for any kind of information including Dhaka WASA We provide all the important information here.

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