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Exercise & Earn Money in Singapore 2023 | 5 Health Apps That Pay You Cash

Singapore is one of the developed countries in the world. The main reason for the development of this developed country is the development of information technology. The government of the country has been able to eliminate unemployment from the country very easily just because of the advancement of information technology. Today’s article is written for those of you who are staying in Singapore and want to earn money from this country.

We have all heard the saying that health is the root of all happiness. Doctors advise us to exercise regularly to keep our health healthy. By this we do different types of exercises in the morning or in the afternoon. Just as exercise is very important for our health, you are getting a chance to earn money by using this bank.

The app developers of Singapore have launched several mobile applications that you can now earn money through banking. Today we are going to discuss about these applications that provide an opportunity to earn money through exercise.

Earn Extra Cash When You Work Out

Exercising whether you like it or not is important for your body. To keep the body healthy, doctors advise you to exercise. Be it due to busyness or business, you may forget to bank but now special measures are being taken to ban you so that you can earn money besides exercising.

How to Earn $100 a Day in Singapore?

You will be surprised to know that currently several applications have been launched by the Singapore government that now you can earn extra money by exercising. By doing this, besides your work, you have earned money separately which can brighten your future life. Below we have presented all the information about how to download all the applications and how to earn using them.

Runister – earn for every 1.6km ran

If you want to become a professional runner then a great application has been launched for you in which you are given the opportunity to earn some amount of money after you run 1.5 km. Every 1.6km you cover gets converted into $0.11 which you can later cash out through PayPal.

How to Earn $10k in a Month in Singapore?

Before starting the run you have to launch this application and set a time there you will be paid based on how far you can run in an hour. So you understand how easy it is to earn money by running using this application. So without wasting time install this application from Google play store now.

Dietbet – bet on your weight loss goals

If your weight is more than your height then you must try to reduce it. When the body becomes a little fat, you feel a little unfit and you cannot do many types of work properly. To avoid this condition, we usually control the diet.

Recently, several mobile applications have been launched in Singapore through which you can easily reduce your body weight by accepting challenges. Through this application, all the detailed information about what kind of food to eat and what food to avoid during your meal is given.

Walk and Earn Money Singapore

After installing this application, if you refer any friends and relatives, you will be given up to two dollars per referral. So you have understood that through this application you can earn money online in addition to diet control.

StepBet – take leisurely walks and hikes for the ka-ching

If you want to earn money by walking then a new application has been launched for you that you will be paid USD after walking more than two kilometers of the application. If you hate to break a sweat, but still want to lead a healthy lifestyle and don’t mind going on long leisurely walks – or even a hike up Bukit Timah Hill – make use of StepBet. Created by the same developer as DietBet, this health app also lets you bet on the number of steps taken, and cash out via PayPal.

Based on the above discussion you have understood how to earn money by exercising while staying in Singapore. We have written this article today in the light of the applications that have become known in the current market. So keep your precious time busy exercising and earn money online.


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