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National identity card is one of the most important information worthy of use in our daily life. National Identity Card is made by Bangladesh Election Commission and by our local government department. As a citizen of Bangladesh if you are 18 years old then you can apply for National Identity Card and within next six months you have to collect National Identity Card from Union Parishad Municipality or City Corporation.

There are many among us who have applied for National Identity Card but have not received their National Identity Card till now. In this situation, their national identity card is more important because they spend their days in extreme irony. On the other hand, there are many people who have opened their own accounts on various social media platforms including Facebook and YouTube.

If your Facebook account or YouTube channel is disabled for any reason, you are instructed to upload your National Identity Card to prove your identity. But the sad thing is that you have not received the national identity card in your hand so far, you are worried about what to do.

Although there are several ways to get out of this situation, we will discuss the information of creating a fake ID card for you in a novel way. Today we will introduce to you an application website where you can easily create National Identity Card or NID Card and use it to verify your disabled Facebook YouTube channel.

Fake NID Card Maker BD

Due to the current era of information technology, many online based websites have been created where fake NID cards can be created very easily. We have mentioned for you and how to use the NID card along with sharing the link of several online based jobs.



  • We have provided the script here to help you where you can generate NID card by sharing your personal information. Your name, father’s name, mother’s name, permanent temporary address and national identity card number will be essential in making fake ID card.
  • In the first part given in the script mention the name in which you want to generate National Identity Card. Write the name in English in the first box and in Bengali in the next box.
  • Enter father’s name and mother’s name.
  • Please provide signature in English.
  • Enter date of birth specifying day month and year.
  • Enter the National Identity Card number.
  • Mention the permanent and temporary address where your village post office district-upazila holding number etc. all the information should be written properly.
  • Mention blood group and date of issue of card.
  • Finally click on submit option then your national identity card number will appear in front of you.

Fake NID Card Maker APK Download

A special good news for mobile users is that recently several applications have been launched through which NID card is being generated. Although these applications are not available in the Google Play Store, we have shared the download link for you here, using which you can download in one click.

NID Card Online Copy Download

Download the application that we have given the download link below and after launching the application you will be asked for various information. You can use your fake NID card only by sharing appropriate information. So without wasting time download your fake NID card from below.

Notice: You must be very careful in creating fake NID card because it is a punishable crime. If you are 18 years old then you will definitely get National Identity Card so make fake ID card and wait when your local government council issue National Identity Card.

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