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FMX Contact Number – FMX Customer Service

FMX (M) Sdn Bhd was formed in May 2009 as an Express Delivery service provider for both Domestic and International markets. With a network throughout the Peninsular and East Malaysia, that are supported by own and partner’s offices. If you want to deliver a product to Malaysia or outside Malaysia, then the courier service you should go to is FMX. This courier service has been working for a long time to deliver your product to the customer very easily in a short period of time.

Currently, branches of this courier service have been launched in every region of Malaysia, due to which now you can easily deliver products from different types of parcels to your home. Even if you have purchased any product from e-commerce website then FMX Home Delivery is ready to deliver that product to your home. So you understand how important this courier service is for you as a Malaysian citizen.

Being a popular parcel delivery service established in Malaysia, FMX has now partnered with e-commerce websites to deliver their products ordered online to everyone. If you face any kind of problem in delivery of the product or if there is any problem in delivery then it is very important for you to get the contact number of the customer service who will play the most important role to solve the problem.

Because of this, through today’s article, we will share with you FMX customer service where you can collect any information about your product by contacting them. The contact numbers, email addresses and online communication channels of all the customer service centers in Malaysia have been disclosed. You can contact any number at your convenience to check if there is any problem with your product.

Through these contact numbers you will not only get their customer support but also they have an official website through which you can check the current status of your product. It will be much easier not to trek to check the current status of your delivery. In this case you have to visit their official website and use the ID number of your parcel. You can check the location of your current product only by using the ID number.


First enter their official website. After entering the website, click on the tracking option. As soon as you click here, you will be instructed to write the number of your personal ID number in the correct ID number on the telephone. Once submitted, the exact address of the branch where your product is now will be shown.

By customer service center we understand all those addresses where if you have any problem with the product that product problem is shown. There are several officers who are always ready to help you. The customer service center will play the most important role in returning your product if it arrives at a wrong address. So to avoid all these problems, you must collect all the telephone numbers, email IDs and WhatsApp numbers to contact them.

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