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The 5th anniversary of Free Fire is going to be celebrated on 27th August. This online based game which is widely known all over the world has been running for five years. Like every year this year also the Free Fire Game Authority has published an event calendar. In view of which the players are going to get some interesting rewards on August 27.

Due to which there is a lot of interest on the occasion of the fifth anniversary celebration, the popular music Justin Bieber character is going to join Free Fire. Players are eager to include the popular pop artist character all over the world in their free fire. In the meantime, the authorities of Free Fire Game have announced in their press release that Justin Bieber’s character will be launched this year and they can include this character in their game if they want.

To be honest, those who are fans of this American pop artist will definitely want to add Justin Bieber as their player. Although the FIFA authorities have not disclosed how many US dollars are needed to add this character. But if you want, you can receive Justin Bieber’s character tix for free through this website.

Free Fire Justin Bieber Character Price

Justin Bieber’s character in Free Fire is called J Biebs and is expected to be released with the upcoming OB35 update since the current version will end very soon. The character is expected to be launched on August 27th and players will then be able to incorporate it into their games.

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Free Fire fans around the world are currently interested in buying this character of Justin Bieber, although the FIFA authorities have not officially announced the price until now. However, it is estimated that you can pay between 100 and 120 dollars to purchase this character of Justin Bieber.

Free Fire Justin Bieber Character Free

The good news for you is that the Free Fire authorities have however asked you to pay a certain amount to purchase Justin Bieber’s character. But there are many people who want to activate this character but do not have the ability to purchase it. For them, we have given information about how to use Justin Bieber by downloading it for free.


Several activation codes are mentioned below for you to activate Justin Bieber Free Fire. You must copy the code from here and include it in your game. As soon as you submit to the game, Justin Bieber’s character will appear as your player.

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Free Fire Justin Bieber Ability

Not only can you include Justin Bieber in your game, you must know about his abilities. So those of you who want to activate Justin Bieber on the occasion of his fifth anniversary, first know about his capabilities. Generally, depending on your game level, Justin Bieber’s abilities will appear. Below we have mentioned the ability of Free Fire Justin Bieber for you.


We hope that you have easily added Free Fire Justin Bieber to your game. If there is any problem to add this in your game then you can report your problem in the comment box below. We will try our best to help you.


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