Full STD Test Price in Nigeria

If we want to know about STD test then first of all we need to know what is included in this test. Diseases that are usually transmitted from one person to another through sexual intercourse are called STDs. Sexually transmitted diseases through which the disease can pass from one person’s body to another person’s body due to physical contact between two people.

If we look at the history of Nigeria, this African country has been a very poor country for a long time. Lack of awareness among people is increasing day by day due to uneducated population and shaky economy of this poor country. Due to which we have seen a lot of immoral associations and spread of various diseases from them in history.

One of the biggest viral diseases in the world i.e. HIV was first detected in a country in South Africa and then slowly it spread all over the world. But you must be careful here and you can do these tests as a precautionary measure.

Why Full STD test can be done?

Usually when a person is given a full STD test there must be an important reason behind it. If you’re in a new relationship with someone, you may need to get tested for STDs. Also if your partner offers you intercourse without a condom for physical intercourse in your new relationship. Also if you have more than one sexual partner at the same time.

Also if your partner cheats on you. In case of sudden unsafe sexual intercourse. Also if you have any problem of STI or physical problem you must get this test done.

What are the tests done in Full STD test?

If you want to know what tests are included in the Full STD test then you need to know a list. From a list you can all know if a test will let you know about any virus and if any virus is present in your body. The main purpose of this test is usually to find out if there are any brothers in your body that can pass into the body of others through physical contact. So let’s know which tests are included in the Full STD test.

The first one is the HIV test which we call human immunodefensive virus.

Next is Hepatitis B.

The next test to be done is sylhilis

There is another test called Chlamydia

Apart from this, depending on the symptoms of your illness, if the doctors ask you to do any other tests, you must do the tests here.

How much does STD test cost in Nigeria?

Now let’s talk about the cost. If we come to the topic of cost then a full STD test person has to spend a lot of money. People living in Nigeria are generally low income people and it is very difficult for these low income people to spend so much money on testing.

If you want to get full STD test in Nigeria with different ease, you will get three types of test and three types of test will cost three types. If you want to get Silver Full STD test then there will be four tests. It will cost N20,000 Nigerian currency. Also here are gold and platinum name tests. Those that cost much more can cost about four to eight times that.

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