GAMCA Medical Report Check 2023 Bangladesh Online by Passport Number

GAMCA (Gulf Approved Medical Centers Association) is a familiar name for all people going abroad for medical tests. Whenever you apply for passport office, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs directs you to undergo medical tests and you have to go directly to several medical centers in Dhaka and Chittagong to undergo all the medical tests.

Just as you need a passport visa to go abroad, you will be given permission to go abroad after a medical test and full fitness. When you decide to go to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and other countries in the Middle East, you may be given such a medical test. Even if the medical test is done directly, you have to go online to check the current status of the medical report.

Now all activities of Bangladesh are done through online due to which now you can check GAMCA medical report online. Due to which those who have done the medical test can now check the medical report online and we have given the correct instructions based on which you can easily do it from home.

GAMCA Medical Report Check Online Bangladesh

Gulf Approved Medical Centers Association is one of the most important things to go abroad and you must undergo medical tests if you have the possibility to go abroad. Now from Bangladesh you can apply for your medical report in several hospitals of Chittagong and Dhaka and the report they have is now shown to you online through digital method. Due to which every person now needs to collect their medical test report online. But right now you don’t know exactly how to verify your medical test report.

In order to get the Gulf Approved Medical Centers Association medical test report, you need to collect some information, especially your passport number is the best. Then follow our instructions given below properly then you can know your current medical report.


  • First, open a browser from your mobile or computer and enter the website from the address bar.
  • After entering the website, there will be several information in front of you, enter your passport number correctly or the serial number that was given during the medical test.
  • You have to select from the list which country you are going to check the medical tester report from.
  • If the information provided by you is correct, you must click on generate option.
  • Finally showing your current medical report i.e. if you can pass all the tests done properly then you will be declared fit.

GAMCA Medical Status Check by Passport Number

GAMCA (Gulf Approved Medical Centers Association) now gives you the opportunity to do all kinds of medical tests and through their official website you must check the medical status of any country you want to visit in the Middle East. But to verify this medical status you must collect the passport number and after you get the passport you can get your medical test from any center. Then you can now check your current medical status using your passport number based on the instructions we have given in the above section. So follow the above instructions to check your current medical status without any problem.

Moreover, there are many people without passport number who are currently interested in verifying their medical status, our special message for them is that you must collect the passport number or use the user ID number that you have for your medical test. You can check their medical status only if you have all these information. And our instructions are specifically applicable for travel to Saudi Arabia and Middle East countries only.

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