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Geniebook is a suite of online learning tools utilizing AI-personalised innovations designed to help Primary 1 to Secondary 4 students achieve their goals. If you want to give good education to your child from childhood then you must admit him in a good institution. A child’s intelligence develops from childhood, so when your child gets admission in primary section class one, if you can get him admitted in a good institution, his future can be good.

Geniebook is an institution where the highest level of service is always being provided to the students and the teachers who are there are always dedicated to the goal of teaching the students. Currently, this institution has worked for a long time in increasing the rate of education in Singapore and the role of this institution in increasing the rate of education in Singapore is immense. As a student or as a parent of a student, there are several things you should know about this institution.

You have to enter the official website of an organization to collect all the information. Geniebook authorities have now based their education system online due to which a separate profile has been created for each student studying here so that they can collect all the information related to education from here. On the other hand, a separate category has now been created for all parents where they can now see the daily activities of their children.

All these activities are done through a website and whether a student or a parent you must enter the website and login using your username password. Today’s article has important hadith for you because here we have shared with you detailed information about how to login to Geniebook website and published a list of how to collect all educational information through their website. So you can check your child by collecting information from our website.

Geniebook Login


Maybe you don’t know how to login to Geniebook official website. But if you want to read this article, you can login to their website after knowing the correct information from here and following the guidelines properly. In this case, we have shared the link of an official website where you click and try to login using your username and password. Apart from the students, all their parents can login using their own username and password through this link.

Geniebook Parent App

Geniebook has recently launched an official application which mobile users can now install from their mobile. Android users enter Google Play Store and search by writing Geniebook and iPhone users enter Off Story and search, their official application will be shown in front of you. After installing the application on your mobile, all the categories that you will find in the web version will be mentioned here.

Geniebook Career

Geniebook Authority provides their official recruitment of some staff and teachers every year due to which you can join these jobs and make your career if you have proper qualification. For the purpose of building a career, you will be given an application form by going to their official website, which you have to complete the application after filling it properly. Finally you will be called through the written test and if you are selected then you will be given the job there.

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