Today Gold Price in KSA 2024 (June) – 22K, 24K Per Gram, KG, Tola

Gold is a natural resource of every country and it is so valuable that we use it to make various ornaments that we use on our body. Gold ornaments are very necessary for people of any age be it boy or girl and right now you might have decided to buy gold. Saudi Arabia is one of the most popular countries today, but it is rich in natural resources.

Although economically self-sufficient, most of the world’s gold is found in this country, and according to one source, it is known that Saudi Arabia is the second largest source of gold in the world. When you live in a country like Saudi Arabia, you will definitely want to know about the current gold price of this country because the price of gold fluctuates constantly.

The economic balance of a country is generally maintained based on the country’s natural resources and gold is playing the most important role in this aspect, which is why you can be a little more conscious when buying gold in a country like Saudi Arabia. If you are looking for the price of gold while living in Saudi Arabia, you have come to the right place and we have consistently published the price of gold in Saudi Arabia.

Most of the expatriates live in Saudi Arabia among all the countries in the Middle East and when the expatriates leave their workplaces and migrate to the country, they are interested in buying gold ornaments and gold for their relatives and friends. Generally speaking, we are interested in buying these golds because the price of gold in Saudi Arabia is lower than in other countries. Because of which you may be a bit cautious in purchasing 22 carat gold as there are a lot of fake gold available in the market today due to which many people can be cheated.

If you are interested in knowing about the price of 22 carat gold, we would like to tell you that the information provided by the Saudi Arabian Jewelery Committee and they have determined the price of gold based on a special guideline, the list of which we have presented here with you. People from different parts of the world live in Saudi Arabia, including Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan, which is why they want to buy these rings when they go to the country, and before buying gold, you should know the price of gold and how to recognize the original 22 carat gold.

Gold Rate in Saudi Arabia
Saudi riyal
Rate (SAR)
24 K Gram Gold Rate per Gram 24K 235.320
22 K Gram Gold Rate per Gram 22K 215.709
OZ-T Gold Rate per Oz 7318.44
KG Gold Rate per KG 235319.48
Tola Gold Rate per Tola 2744.72
If you look a little above, you will see that according to the current market in Saudi Arabia, we have published the prices of 24 carat gold to 22 carat gold here. Looking at the published list, it can be seen that you need to pay 235 Saudi Riyals to buy 1 gram of 24 carat gold. On the other hand, to buy 22 carat 1 gram of gold, you have to pay 215 riyals in cash. In this way, we have published the price of gold in Saudi Arabia starting from each gram only for you.

The above list of gold prices that we have shared with you may change at any time. Saudi Arabia Jewelery Committee can change their gold price at any time, in this case you must check the price and buy the products from the market. You can do our other articles to know the correct information about the price of gold in any other country including Saudi Arabia.

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