HDL Test Price in Bangladesh

One of the most important tests for those of you who are suffering from cholesterol problems is HDL which means High Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol. The body is usually called a good college student. Those of you who are reading this article will be able to collect all the information about this college and this test that happened in Bangladesh.

The biggest problem of most people in Bangladesh is heart problem. The main reason is that our diet consists of sophisticated carbohydrate rich foods. Whatever we eat contains a lot of carbohydrates and the amount of bad cholesterol in our body increases day by day due to the fact that we eat a lot of carbohydrates. And as a result we gradually get sick.

HDL is a good cholesterol which is very low in the body and your chances of getting heart disease are very low. Specialist doctors give this test to patients who suffer from heart problems. The HDL test shows that the amount of cholesterol present in the body is less or more. Let’s try to let you know about this test slowly.

Why HDL test is done?

If you take a look at your family or your surroundings, you will see that the number of heart patients is increasing day by day. Not only is Ruby Roy an elderly heart patient, the prevalence of heart disease has increased to such an extent that heart problems are also occurring among young boys and girls. This test is usually done whenever a heart problem occurs.

Just as there are good bacteria in our body, there are also bad bacteria. Some cholesterol is bad for the body but some cholesterol is good for the body which helps to destroy the bad cholesterol. HDL tests are used to determine the level of good cholesterol in the body.

What to do if the report on HDL is bad or good?

Since this is a big problem, you can rest assured when the doctor tells you to report it if it is good. You can continue the eating habits that you have in your life. But if the report is bad then the first thing you need to change is your eating habits.

If the other part of the body stays off for a minute then all the activities of your body will continue but if your heart is closed then you will die. Follow his advice and take regular medication and change your lifestyle.

There is a lot of unknown information about HDL test

First of all, let those of you who know nothing about this test know that you only need to donate blood for this test.

By donating blood you will be able to receive the report in a short time.

There is nothing to be afraid of. It is a good cholesterol test which is used to determine the amount in your body.

All costs of HDL test in Bangladesh

This is a very important test that you can do in all the private medical institutions including all the government hospitals in Bangladesh such as the popular diagnostic center such as Lebet Hospital such as Islami Bank Hospital etc.

Officially, the cost of HDL test has been fixed at only 100 Taka.

Popular, LabAid, Islami Bank Hospital in such private educational institutions can cost from 150 to 200 Taka.

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