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How Do Mobile Money Agents Earn in Uganda

With the advancement of information technology, we have become more interested in mobile money banking due to which we can now transact money from any part of the world. In a word, we can now transfer any amount of money from one account to another within a short period of time. Currently, several mobile banking services have been introduced in Uganda through which customers are constantly transacting their money.

If you want to start a new business in Uganda then good news for you is that we are going to share a business idea with you. Since there is a huge need for mobile money agents in Uganda, you may want to set up a mobile banking agent in your area. In this situation, the question may arise in your mind that how the mobile money agent earns money.

Based on today’s discussion we are going to share with you detailed information on how to earn money from Uganda as a mobile money agent. So those of you who want to start a new business in a short period of time must read our article and you can start your business from here by reading all these articles.

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According to information given by the Uganda Communications Commission, the number of mobile money agents in the country has increased to about 49,488. That is, after 2020, the number of new agents has increased to 8500. There are various mobile network telecom operators in Uganda who are constantly recruiting their new agents. Currently there are 7 mobile money schemes in Uganda that are ready to serve their customers constantly.

Airtel, MTN, Uganda Telecom, Africell, M-Cash, PayWay & Eeezy Money are all money banking services which give us great opportunities in money transactions. If you want, you can be employed as an agent of any operator and earn huge amount of money. The following section provides detailed information on how to earn as a mobile banking agent.


If you start working as a money agent then you will see that the company that you are appointed as an agent will give you a commission from the company whether your deposit is airtime or any kind of bill payment when the customers use your agent service. That is, based on the amount of money that will be transacted through you, these companies give their agents a hefty commission.

So if you start the mobile banking service then you will see that if you are an agent you will be given 0.5 percent of the amount of money transacted as research. By starting to work as an agent in this way, you can use yourself in a very short time. The more money you can transact, the more your commission will increase.


If you can fulfill the target given by them to work as a mobile banking agent, then you will see that the company has given you various gifts. You will be given a monthly or yearly target. If you can fulfill the target within a certain time, then you will see that the company is giving you various gifts. But nowadays there are many people who take cash rather than giving gifts which is why they now get extra cash instead of this kit.

So you can become a mobile banking agent so that you can collect various gifts offered by the company. In short, if you want to start a good quality business in a short period of time then it is better for you to start working as a banking agent. Each of the information that I have shared with you is very important.

However, if you want to follow the above instructions properly, I think you can profit in a short period of time. The information provided by us is completely accurate and will greatly expand your business idea. You can do your banking now from anywhere in the world including Uganda.

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