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How to Lock Facebook Profile 2023 (Update) Lock Any Profile

How to Lock Facebook Profile- The most popular and well-known social media in the world today is Facebook. There are very few people in the world who are not familiar with this website. New features are coming through this social media keeping pace with the times.

Recently Facebook authorities added a new feature. That is the Facebook profile lock. Are you willing to lock your Facebook profile? If so, you must know the correct method to lock it. Today’s topic is how to lock a Facebook profile.

What is Facebook Profile Lock?

You have a Facebook account you want to secure from this profile. In this case, you must lock your profile. First we want to let you know what Facebook profile lock is. This is a process by which no one can see any information on your profile except your friends. For example, you can say that you have locked your house. Here, house means your Facebook profile.

Why you Lock your Facebook Profile?

This new feature of Facebook can be used by any Facebook user. But do you know why you should use this feature? Let’s not know the details.
Hide your Profile Information : This feature is used for security of profiles. You must use this feature if you do not wish to share your information with anyone other than your friends.
Girls Profile Secure : This new feature of Facebook has been added with the safety of girls in mind. The number of women Facebook users was increasing day by day. The girls share their pictures on Facebook. For which anyone can collect it and use any apr. To prevent this abuse, Facebook has introduced a profile lock method.

How To Lock Your Facebook Profile ?

If you want to lock your Facebook profile, you must follow the procedure given by us. Because we have given below the detailed information to lock the Facebook profile.


  • Step 1, Open your Facebook from your device by using Facebook App or other browser.
  • Step 2, Go to your Facebook Profile where you will click More Option.
  • Step 3, Here you will find some options but you should click on Lock My Profile.
  • Step 4, Tap on there and Confirm it by clicking Yes.
  • Finally, your Profile has been locked.

However, there are some profile which is not supported the feature. In this situation you have to do alternative way to secure your account.


  • Go to your Privacy Setting.
  • Then, Viewing and Sharing. You have to change the Privacy as Friends. It means your future post will be seen only with your friends.
  • Tagging Review must be on. When anyone tag you, you need to approve the tag. Then the tag will show your profile.
  • Profile Picture Guard should be turned on to secure your Facebook Profile.

Benefits of Using Facebook Profile Lock?

Facebook authorities always launch new features for the benefit of the users. The number of Facebook users is increasing day by day and it is seen that the number of girls is much higher. Moreover, Facebook information can be easily collected by others. With this in mind, Facebook authorities have added this new feature with the aim of shutting it down. Whose importance is immeasurable.
As a result of using this feature, no one but your friends can see your Facebook information. No stencils can collect what you are sharing. There are many fake IDs on Facebook that usually use pictures of girls. If you keep your profile locked, no one else will be able to create a new fake ID by collecting pictures on your Facebook. That means you are completely safe. Overall, Facebook profile lock system has been introduced for the sake of your employment and security. So we request you to use this feature.

Frequently Asked Questions ?

Is Facebook Profile Lock available for all accounts?

Answer: No, the feature is not valid for all accounts. Only those users who will get the option can use it.

How can i lock my Facebook Profile?

Answer: The accurate answer has given above the article. So, you must read it and try to active it.

What will i do if my account do not active Profile Lock?

Answer: By using your privacy policy, you can easily secure your profile.

Last Words

Finally we hope that you have learned the method. So, you should try it. If you have any problem, you must connect with us. Thank you.


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