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How to Make 3000 Naira Daily in Nigeria

Nigeria is a small country in South Africa where most people live below the poverty line. Although the country’s government is generally on the side of the people, the country is not economically prosperous at present. Nigerian people are engaged in various activities directly and indirectly because they are hard working people.

However, according to the current situation, we can know that information technology has developed a lot in Nigeria due to which people in this country have been able to change their status in a short period of time by doing online based work. As a Nigerian citizen you must want to develop the country and improve your financial situation. Because of which most Nigerians are currently interested in knowing how to earn 3000 naira daily.

To eliminate their curiosity, we are going to share information in front of you with several popular media that you can easily earn up to 3000 Naira per day. You don’t have to sit for a long time to do these online and offline based tasks. You can now use your free time to do the tasks in this short time.

7 Sure Ways to Earn 3000 Naira Daily

Due to the current era’s dependence on information and communication technology, there are now several online based jobs that can be used to earn income from home. So as a Nigerian who wants to earn daily income, he must follow the instructions below that a normal people can do.

PayPal Games that Pay Real Money

However, at the beginning of the discussion, we would like to inform you that each of the things that we have mentioned here for you are online-based, that is, they are being performed through various websites and applications.


If you are interested in buying and selling products online then this application or website will play a special role for you. Hawkit is an app where various types of products are bought and sold. Besides, boosting your money through various social media can be a source of income.


It is one of the most popular e-commerce websites in Nigeria through which people in Nigeria are constantly earning money through affiliate marketing. So this application can play a special role for those of you who want to earn 3000 Naira per day by using online application by working faithfully.

Daily Task Earn Money in Nigeria

Many people want to know the review of the application, I want to tell them that it is currently the most popular platform where you are given various job opportunities. If you can spread the link to download the application among other friends and relatives then you can earn money from here only by referring.


Naira4All is a popular illegal money making app for Nigerians that has been used by people in this country for a long time. You can do different types of work through the application and this website is developed internationally due to which you can easily use it as an online marketplace.

They claim to offer top-notch and life changing information, training, services, products and support to allow members to start earning real money. By entering the website you have to register and if you can be a member of them then you will be allowed to do various types of texts as well as video tutorials other applications install maps pictures videos it is possible to earn money by uploading.

Watch Videos & Earn Money

On the other hand, if you want to earn money by referring, then if you share the link of this website with your friends and relatives, you can earn N1500 per referral. So if you are really interested in earning 3000 Naira per day then this will be the best option for you.


An application through which shops are given the opportunity to do all the jobs that are available online. If you want, you can do digital jobs here as well as campaigns, earn cash prices. Usually there are two types of people working on this website, one of them is a group of digital wozs who run different social media like YouTube Instagram profile different post download application and sign up campaign.


If you can pick this job then you will be paid 3900 per job. Getting paid is very easy through this website only you need to create a new bank account and add that bank account to your profile.

On the other hand there is another group who can earn 3000 per day by doing affiliate marketing and working through this website. Since you are a Nigerian and you have a special opportunity to do these things, you can earn income by logging into this application website.


As soon as you hear the name of the app or the website, you might realize how important this website is to Nigerians especially those who are experienced in freelancing while still being Nigerians. If you want to earn money by working in this marketplace for a long time to connect with Nigerian clients, then let me tell you that you must be good at graphic design, digital marketing, marketing, etc.

All the multinational companies in Nigeria provide their staff through this website. You will be paid different types of taxes here if you can do it jointly then you will be paid based on that. If you want, you can complete the payment through PayPal or bank account. In addition to earning money like this, if you want, you can spread the link of this website through your friends and relatives and earn a large amount of money from there.

If you can follow the above instructions properly then it will be very easy for you to earn money from the online sector even if you are a Nigerian citizen. We hope that the information provided by us will play an important role in your real life. You try to do the tasks with your skill.


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