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How to Unban PUBG Mobile Account? Easy Way Fix PUBG Ban Account

The popular online based game PUBG has gained wide popularity all over the world due to which the youngsters of our country have become addicted to the game. You have a specific account for playing public games, and there are several instructions to public companies that if you ever violate all the rules and regulations, your account is likely to be lost.

It is very important for you to know how you will get your account back if it is banned by the public authority for any reason. So through today’s discussion we are going to tell you all the detailed information about how to get back a banned PUBG ID.

Why PUBG Ban My Account?

At the beginning of the discussion we are going to let you know when PUBG will ban your account. There are usually two reasons why your PUBG account may be banned. The first is that if you cheat someone, that is, if you provide false information at the time of registration, then there will be various problems with your game.

On the other hand, if you do not get the option to change any kind of data, then you must understand that many reports have been submitted against you. Usually, for all these reasons, PUBG account may be banned. There are a number of other guidelines that could lead to your account being banned, as outlined below.

  • We usually use a variety of tools to play games that enable us to do more. If such tools are attached to your account, your account may be banned.
  • Using tools such as third party applications such as VPNs can cause problems with your PUBG ID.
  • Change in Data Files.
  • Team up with other players.

When PUBG Mobile Check Your Account for Ban?

  • The decision to ban your account will be made when you kill more than 6 enemies in three minutes while playing PUBG.
  • If you can kill five enemies in 1 minute, Tencent will manual check your log.
  • If your PUBJI account kills more than 8 enemies in less than 20 hours, you need to do a manual check.
  • If 5 manual reports per game, your manual should be check.
  • 2 manual report from team mate.

How to UnBan PubG Mobile Account?

If PUBG account is banned for any of the reasons given above then you can fix only one way in your account. So you can get the account back by contacting customer service.

Contact via Official Website

First enter the official website of PUBG.

Click on the Help and Support option.

Specify the problem that caused your account to be banned.

If the information you provided is correct, click the Submit option.

Contact via Email

Email is specially introduced to get PUBG customer support where you can provide your bank account information.

  • First login with your email id.
  • Click on the Compose Email option.
  • Write down in detail the problems you encountered.
  • Send the mail to
  • Send your email.

By doing our article you can easily fix the pubji band account. You can find other articles on our website to solve the problem of any other online game including pubji. Thank you so much for reading our article for so long.


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