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How to Watch Netflix for Free 2023 without Paying from Mobile & PC

Today we are going to talk about Netflix, the most popular and most subscriber rich OTT platform in the world. It is a platform where you can watch any kind of movie online in different languages ​​all over the world. Well-known story writers and directors from home and abroad want to publish their content on the web series Movie Netflix platform.

However, you will not get any opportunity to watch Netflix without any cost. Because this popular over-the-top platform is not for everyone to use, you will get the opportunity to watch various movie web series through Netflix using only free subscription. But today we will teach you 1 method by which you can watch any kind of movie web series on Netflix for free. You can watch it for free from any version, be it mobile or computer.

How to Watch Netflix for Free 2023

There is no chance to watch movies for free on this popular over the top platform. It is a popular platform where the best directors of the world publish their best content. You can use the subscription fee to enjoy this content. Netflix authorities have set subscription fees in several categories. If you want to use this platform for one month, you need to pay 8 USD per month as subscription fee.

On the other hand, if you want to use a one-year Netflix account, you need to pay a 120 USD subscription fee per year. There are many of us who can create Netflix for free and watch any kind of movie and are interested in watching the various content of Netflix.


But they can’t open an account because of the subscription fee. In this case, they want to know how to watch Netflix web series movies for free. For that purpose we would like to say that we have given below some information which if you use it you can easily create a Netflix account and enjoy all the content provided here.

How to Watch Netflix for Free App

Even if Netflix has their own website, you can still see what kind of content from their website. You must use its application to view various Netflix movie websites. For those of you who are looking for a free viewing app on Netflix, I would like to say that the authorities have arranged for you an application which is usually published on Google Playstore and various websites.

  • To watch Netflix for free, you must first log in to the Google Play Store.
  • Enter Netflix Free in the search box.
  • The official Netflix application will launch in front of you.
  • Now you get the chance to enjoy watching Netflix for free.

How to Watch Netflix for Free on PC 2023

If you’re a computer user, you’ll want to use the popular over-the-top platform, although Netflix has set a certain amount of subscription fees for users.


  • To access Netflix’s various movie websites for free, you must first log in to Netflix’s official website.
  • But remember, first you need to generate a Netflix account, which is usually done through one type of application.
  • Enter your user ID and PIN number in the space provided.
  • Submit it.
  • You will find a wide variety of Netflix content in front of you, along with the recently released web series, many older ones you will find here.

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