HSG Test Price in Nigeria

The number of infertile women in Nigeria is increasing day by day. They visit different specialists or gynecologist doctors at different times and their problem is diagnosed by HSG test. Today we will try to tell you about the importance of this test and how much money it can cost to get this test done in different cities in Nigeria.

The importance of this test is increasing day by day because many women are suffering from infertility due to changes in our diet and environment. We may not realize this when we are young, but as we grow older, we realize that something unusual is happening in our body due to which we are losing the chance of getting pregnant.

With this in mind, I would like to tell Nigerian girls who are Nigerian girls to go to a specialist doctor without delay who will be able to identify your problem through all the tests and try to cure the disease.

Why is the HSG test done?

The main purpose behind this test is to check whether the organs in the uterus such as the Philippian tubes to the uterus etc. are functioning properly. Hysterosalpinography, also known as HSG, is usually an x-ray.

These x-rays are usually inserted into the woman’s body and the measurements and normal shape of the different parts of the uterus are identified through the dye. In addition, this test is mainly done to find out whether the tubes containing the fallopian tips are fully functional and whether there is any activity inhibition in the tubes.

Preparation for HSG test

Still many people may ask what kind of preparation should be done to take this test. This test is a very important treatment for infertility treatment in general and most infertility doctors can give you this test in the early stages.

But if you want to do this test everywhere in Nigeria, you may not get the opportunity to do this test everywhere because it is a very high quality test and a very expensive test. With that in mind, you can get this type of test done at diagnostic centers in all major cities in Nigeria. But of course there is a need for prior preparation.

Generally, you should go to the doctor on an empty stomach and an empty bladder as a preliminary preparation. And try to get this test done as per the doctor’s advice.

How does a HSG test cost in Nigeria?

Many of us may have heard from elderly people that a woman has had around 10 to 15 children without any problems. But if we look at the reality in today’s context, a woman is suffering a lot of physical damage due to having two children due to which she is not able to bear any more children.

Although humans are not directly to blame for this, humans are responsible for the changes in nature that are causing them. Besides, what kind of pill we usually take can harm our body along with the change in our diet. All in all, infertility is increasing day by day and has become rampant in Nigeria.

Hence the number of HSG tests is increasing in various cities in Nigeria and the cost quoted for this test is N20,000-N40,000 in Nigerian currency.

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