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IBC Singapore Contact Number, Hotline Number

International Baptist Church of Singapore! Engage in Events. Register for upcoming programs for you & your family. People in Singapore usually like to spend their free time with their families and relatives. Especially on holidays they go to different places and share this happiness with their families. International Baptist Church is a place where you can visit with family as well as use it as a religious place of worship.

International Baptist Church is a special place to visit because here you will see some beautiful scenery that you will not find in Singapore. Because of which thera of various buildings from home and abroad are currently crowded in this area of ​​Singapore every day. Before coming to the International Baptist Church, you must make an appointment because there is a specific schedule in which you will only be allowed to visit.

During this time, no one else has the opportunity to enter and visit the International Baptist Church. So if you want to visit International Baptist Church with your family and relatives during your free time, then you can travel to this sightseeing place in Singapore by contacting them and buying tickets. But the good news for you is that the International Baptist Church is currently open on weekends due to which you can now come here to travel.

Before traveling to any attraction, you must first contact the authorities at that place and gather accurate information about the opening hours of their attractions. On the other hand, International Baptist Church tickets are currently being purchased online, due to which you can now purchase tickets online by registering from their official website.


11 Collyer Quay

#07-01 The Arcade

Singapore 049317

T: (65) 6327 0488

There are many people who want to do various family events like weddings in this holy place in International Baptist Church. In this case you need to follow a specific schedule by talking to the authorities so that your program starts within the schedule and ends after a certain time. International Baptist Church authorities are always there to help you and try to provide the best service to those who visit here.

International Baptist Church if you face any kind of problem or if you want to know any information from them then you can contact their contact number. They also have their official website which has their hotline number which is open to public every day except holidays. If you are facing any problem then you can contact the hotline number to solve your problem. On the other hand, if there is any information to be known, after talking to them, the correct information will be known about it.

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