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Jabatan Imigresen Putrajaya Contact Number, Address, Appointment

Jabatan Imigresen Putrajaya is a popular government institution in Malaysia where all kinds of activities related to passport diseases of Malaysian citizens are performed. If you are a citizen of Malaysia and want to travel from this country to another country on a visa, you must have a passport. You cannot enter any country without a passport. Today’s article may be especially important for you if you want to travel from Malaysia to any other part of the world through passport.

Now you have to apply online to generate passport. A fixed amount of fee is fixed through which you are given the opportunity to apply and subsequently your passport is confirmed through police verification. Jabatan Imigresen Putrajaya is the office that plays the most important role in confirming your passport and carrying out all passport activities.

On the other hand, if you are facing any kind of passport-related complications, then you need to contact Jabatan Imigresen Putrajaya to get out of this situation. Because they are always working to help their passport users and if you are facing these problems then you can take immediate action to solve it.

But the sad thing is that many people are unaware of all the means of communicating with them. For this purpose, we have shared the information of Jabatan Imigresen Putrajaya through the article that is the contact number to contact them, the address of all their branches and sub-branches and all the instructions to make an appointment to contact them.

You must try to follow all the information that we have shared for you below and you can solve any problem related to your passport by contacting us at the address that we have given here. Without wasting time, collect Jabatan Imigresen Putrajaya contact numbers and their addresses from below.


Due to the current age of information and technology, now we can share all kinds of information through the Internet and collect everything from the Internet. On the other hand, the Jabatan Imigresen Putrajaya authority has created an official website through which all their information is shared. In the light of all the information, passport holders can now easily solve all the problems. You can now check the current status of your passport by logging on to their official website using your passport number.

The good news for you is that you can now send messages to all the email addresses we have used to contact you about your problem. They have customer service officers who will try their best to resolve your information after verifying it. So if you are facing any such problem then contact them as soon as possible for your passport problem and solve your problem. Thank you very much for waiting by our side and reading the article.

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