Kishoreganj to Dhaka Train Schedule & Ticket Price

Those of you who are thinking of going by train from Kishoreganj to Dhaka. But I’d say you’ve made the right decision. Because as a result of the train journey, you will experience something new. May the train journey of your life be more enjoyable, more economical, and more enjoyable.

You can enjoy many benefits as a result of train journey. For example, the train journey does not cause any jhaki. Due to which the body does not feel any fatigue. And with train journey you can go anywhere with very low fare. Which is never possible in other vehicles. Those of you who are thinking of going by train from Kishoreganj to Dhaka. They will know a lot of information from this article.

You can find out from this article. About train schedule and ticket fare on Kishoreganj to Dhaka route. Which is very important for you to know. Intercity and mail express trains ply on Dhaka route from Kishoreganj. You can travel by these two types of trains. But many of you may not know about the train schedule and fare list of this route. So know about Kishoreganj to Dhaka train schedule fare list.

Kishoreganj to Dhaka Train Schedule



Train Name Eleven Sindhu Prabhati (738) departs from Kishoreganj at 06:30
Arrive Dhaka: 10:40 hrs
Holidays: None

Train Name: Eleven Sindhu Twilight (750)
Departs from Kishoreganj at 12:50
Reached Dhaka at 17:05
Holiday: Wednesday

Train Name Kishoreganj Express (782)
Departure time from Kishoreganj: 16:20
Reach Dhaka at 10:00
Holiday: Friday

You will find the intercity trains at the station as per the schedule. And if you want you can go to Dhaka by these trains. You can reach Dhaka very comfortably in these trains.

Kishoreganj to Dhaka Train Schedule:
(Mail Express)

The name of the train is Isha Khan Express
Departs from Kishoreganj at 15:02
Reached Dhaka at 23:00
Holidays: None

You can easily reach Taka from Kishoreganj to Dhaka by only this one email express train. But no matter which train you go through. You have to appear at the station according to its time. If you are not present at the station by this time then you will not be able to catch these trains. So you have to pay attention to the schedule.

Kishoreganj to Dhaka Train Ticket Price

No matter which train you take from Kishoreganj to Dhaka. You have to pay the same rent. Because of the number of trains running on this route, all these are fixed at one stage fare. If you want to travel by trains. Then you have to pay very less rent. Because trains already charge low fares. Due to which common people get many advantages in traveling by train.


You need to pay a minimum fare of 125 taka to go from Kishoreganj to Dhaka. For this fare of 125 taka you will get a seat from Shobhan, the lowest section of the train. And if you want to take maximum seat advantage then you have to choose AceBirth category. If you want to take a seat from the AC berth section, you have to pay a fare of Tk 518.

Also you will find some other categories in these trains where you can enjoy the benefits of Vrindavan. And for that you have to pay different fares. But no matter which category you want to take seat. This will require you to purchase tickets. Tickets must be purchased from the station ticket counter.

Be careful when buying tickets. Because sometimes many mistakes can happen. Check carefully whether the ticket is issued from the category of hazard for which you have applied for the ticket. And with this ticket you can travel by train.


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