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Lal Sobuj Bus Counter Number, Ticket Price, Address

In the age of information and communication technology we all have evolved and improved so much that communication has become easier for us. Now you don’t have to wait for a long time to go somewhere like earlier days because different types of vehicles have been developed to facilitate your travel. Bus service is the most popular among all the vehicles that Bangladesh has and plays the most important role in creating good connectivity with every district of the country.

Bus is one of our most important vehicles to reach our destination with powerful engine and fast time. At present, in our country, there are different types of bus companies that are playing a special role in connecting one district with another district and even upazila. Lal Sobuj bus is one of the popular bus services in Bangladesh. At present, they have been able to go ahead of other buses in creating good connections in all the districts of the country.

If you want to travel by bus from one end of the country to another and reach your destination safely and on time, red-green buses are waiting for you. Now their counters have been created in every part of the country, so you can buy tickets from their counters and reach your destination in a short time. But in the case of traveling by bus, you must make sure which bus you are traveling through, that is why before traveling by red green bus, you must collect the list of the counters they have, the ticket price, and the contact numbers they have to avoid the problem in case of any problem. should be done.

In order to help you, we have shared the list of counters in each district of Bangladesh and the contact numbers to contact them through this article today. So those of you who are looking for this information on the internet, you can definitely contact us from here to your nearest place to the counter of red green and travel by bus.

Lal Sobuj Bus Counter Number

Before traveling by any bus, you must know the information about the destination of those buses and where they have made counters. Lal Sabuj is undoubtedly a popular bus service in Bangladesh and it is believed that they have been able to open their own counters in every part of the country. There are Pakistan where their counters have not been made yet but you can collect various types of information at these counters.

SL Counter Address Contact Number
1 Mirpur-10 & 1, Counter Phone: 01844545369, 01844545370
2 Adabar Counter, Dhaka District Phone: 01844545373
3 Jhigalta Counter, Dhaka District Phone: 01844545374
4 Nilkhet Counter, Dhaka District Phone: 01844545375
5 Abdullahpur Counter, Dhaka District Phone: 01844545363
6 Uttara Counter, Dhaka District Phone: 01844545364
7 Airport Counter, Dhaka District Phone: 01844545364
8 Norda Counter, Dhaka District Phone: 01844545366
9 Badda Counter, Dhaka District Phone: 01844545367
10 Shahjadpur Counter, Dhaka District Phone: 01844545360
11 Mohakhali Bus Station Counter, Dhaka District Phone: 01844545371
12 Farmgate Counter, Dhaka District Phone: 01844545372
13 Maniknagar Counter, Dhaka District Phone: 01844545376
14 Golapbagh Counter, Dhaka District Phone: 01844545377
15 Sayedabad (No. 2-3-4) Counter Phone: 01844545396, 01844545380, 01844545381
16 Huzur Bari Gate Counter, Sayedabad, Dhaka District Phone: 01844545378
17 Shanirakhra Counter, Dhaka District Phone: 01844545382
18 Signboard Counter, Dhaka District Phone: 01844545383
19 Chittagong Road Counter, Dhaka Phone: 01844545384
20 Arambagh Control Office Phone: 01777601481, 01777601581, 01844545351, 01844545352

All kinds of information about how much ticket price to go where you want to go, what time the bus will arrive is only provided to you from the counter. Moreover, now Red Green authorities have created their official website based on which you can now purchase their tickets online. No reason to worry for this reason Lal Green has made a list of all the counters and their contact numbers and phone numbers are given here.

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