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Office for Students OFS is a popular website in Singapore where students from different classes in Singapore participate in online education programs. Since you are a resident of Singapore, you must go for higher education from that country. In this age of information technology, now we can conduct education programs online from home. OFS is one of the websites that have been working for a long time related to online education.

As a student all your study activities should follow a routine. Besides that, when you study under experienced teachers, the quality of your studies will increase a lot. This is exactly the reason why students of all classes in Singapore are now focused on online based courses. OFS is playing a big role in this because of which now you can easily join their classes online no matter where you live in Singapore.

Through today’s article we are going to share with you how to login OFS and how to access online classes here. So we hope you must read our entire article carefully and try to apply the information collected from here.

OfS Dashboard


Office for Students OFS authorities have recently made special arrangements for all their students to attend online classes and attend all educational activities. According to their special arrangement we see that now you will be given a user ID when you are admitted to their institution. You can create a profile using the user ID and password.

You will be given a dashboard from your profile through that dance board you can join online based live classes various programs etc. In this case you have to provide an email address and some specific information while opening the account. So you don’t waste time and log in to their website as soon as possible or open an account if you don’t have an account.

Homework OFS


Office for Students OFS authorities usually give daily homework to the students who study under them. Homework is given to the students after the class and they have to submit this homework online. We have shared a link here for you, click Elin and login with your username and password.

After login enter your dashboard and click on Homework option. Then upload the pictures of the topics you have been given as homework. Finally, all your current homework assignments will reach them. This is how you have to submit daily work through online.

OFS Timetable – Academic Calendar 

Office for Students OFS has a specific academic calendar to conduct the educational program following which their syllabus is completed. There are many people who cannot collect the timetable online. We have shared the information here specifically for them to download the timetable correctly. If you click on the link that we have shared here, you will see the new academic calendar published than the current ones.

Generally their academic calendar is uploaded through the official website in PDF format. That’s why we have uploaded here the pdf of their academic calendar for you. Which you can easily download from us here.

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