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Every year, people from different parts of the world migrate to the countries of Europe and Madhya Pradesh for their work. When it comes to traveling abroad, you may know that passports and visas are the most important. A person can apply for a passport visa only when he is physically fit. Whenever you are physically fit you will be allowed to go abroad and you can now enter other countries without any complications.

When one wants to travel to Europe and Middle East countries, it is important to be physically fit. And besides, before going abroad, you must do different types of physical tests. After you pass all these tests correctly you will be selected to go abroad. Anyway, today we will share with you some important information on the basis of which you can now know about the medical test that is done to go abroad.

First let’s say that whenever a person decides to go abroad, he is asked to go to several centers for medical tests. After you go to these medical test centers we will conduct different types of tests and you can pass these tests when the correct report is provided from there. Currently, there is no good way to check your medical report directly, but now you can check your medical report online through digital method.

Today we are going to share with you detailed information about how to check medical report online for free. A website has been created on the basis of which all activities have been brought online in a digital manner. So try to follow the instructions given by you properly so that your medical report can be verified online now.

Online Free Medical Report Check

When you do a physical examination at a medical center, a specific report will be given from there to confirm whether you have any physical problems. After this report you have to update the Ministry of Foreign Affairs so that they understand your physical condition and facilitate the way to go abroad. Now in this age of information technology now we can check the report from online now completely free.

There is a special website to check medical report online for free and based on this website you can check medical report before traveling to Middle East countries. You can now check your medical report using either your mobile or computer and follow our instructions correctly.

  • To check free medical report online first you need to enter website.
  • After entering this website, you will get two options, first enter your passport number.
  • Many people can use the ID number that was given to them during the medical test without using the passport number.
  • In the next part you have to mention the country from which you are applying i.e. select the country you are a citizen of.
  • If your given information is correct then click on submit option and if you are medically fit then you will be shown fit text.

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