Parabat Express Train Timetable, Ticket Price, Seat Plan & Tracking

There are many of you who are thinking of going to Sylhet from Dhaka. So many might be looking for a quality vehicle. Through which you can go from Dhaka to Sylhet or from Sylhet to Dhaka. But as standard transport I can say train is very important. Because there can be no better transport and land than train.

Those of you who will go by train from Dhaka to Sylhet for the first time. They will understand which vehicle is best for you after the train journey. However, there is an inter-city train running on Dhaka to Sylhet route. The name of this intercity train is Parabat Express.

This mountain express train runs regularly on Dhaka to Sylhet route. Due to which the train passengers do not have to face any difficulty with vehicles on this route. But many of you who are going to Sylhet from Dhaka on this train for the first time may not know about the schedule and fare of this train.

So if you read our complete article carefully to know the unknown information about this train. But you can already understand how much fare you have to pay to go from Dhaka to Sylhet on this train and what time these trains leave for their destination. So find out without delay. Parabat Express Train Schedule and Ticket Prices.

Parabat Express Train Schedule:

When you take a train journey or decide to go somewhere by train. Then you need to keep one thing in mind. That is train time. Know the train departure time for your destination.

Because if you forget the time you will miss the train. Due to which you will be expelled from the train journey. So definitely know the train journey time of any route well. So know the schedule of Parabat Express train.


Dhaka to Sylhet
Departure time :06:20
Arrival time : 13:00
Holiday: Tuesday

Sylhet to Dhaka
Departure time: 15:45
Arrival time : 22:40
Holiday: Tuesday

Here you can find the schedule of Parabat Express train. According to this time the Parabat Express train runs on Dhaka to Sylhet route. So you know these times well. So that you don’t miss your train.

Parabat Express Train Fare:

Usually a train has many cabins which together make up a train. However, the cabins in the train have different facilities. Due to which the rent of that cabin varies. So this mountain express train has some cables. And know the rent of those cabins according to the information given below.


Shown: 295 Dhaka rent
Decorative chair: 395 rupees for rent
Snigdha: 564 rupees rent

This mountain express train has the facility of only three cabins. Among them, you can go for the lowest fare only from the Sobhan section and the highest is the Snigdha section in this Parabat Express train.

However, you will never be able to travel by any other vehicle at the fare that you have noticed here. Because by train journey people can go from one end to another end with very low fare. Which is a great benefit for common people.

Parabat Express Train Tracking:

If you want to know where the Parabat Express train is currently located at the comfort of your home. But in that case you can know only if you go to the SMS option of a mobile phone and write TR with a space and send the train name or train code to the number 16318. Where is this Parabat Express train currently located? This is called tracking.

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