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PlanGrid is a construction productivity software designed for onsite construction workers. PlanGrid digitises blueprints. It has features such as version control and collaboration tools such as field markups, progress photos and issues tracking. This software plays the most important role for those who have decided to construct a new building or establishment building, due to which the number of their users is constantly increasing.

In using the PlanGrid software, you must have the ability to operate it properly, that’s why right now we have given you instructions on how to log in to their official website and how to open a new account without any problem. So our article will play a special role for those of you who are looking for all these information on the internet and you can know about all the instructions related to their construction by entering your profile through our article.

PlanGrid Login Admin

As a PlanGrid user, whenever you start working, you will see that you are asked to login through their official server and only if you login correctly, you can use their software properly. Because of which right now you might want to know information about how to access profile as an admin and we have given you some important information here based on which you can access your admin panel.


At the beginning of the discussion we have shared an official link for you and as soon as you enter this link you have to enter the official website and after entering this website a login webpage will be shown in front of you. Then enter your username and password in as many spaces as you like. Whenever you enter your username and password correctly you will see your login page and next time you will be able to access your profile. In this way, you can participate in various types of construction work by entering your profile.

PlanGrid App 

PlanGrid recently launched their official application due to which those who are their regular users can now use this software through mobile and get all kinds of information related to construction. In this case, we want to tell you that their official application can be used very easily from Android users to Windows computer users.

So no matter what kind of device you are using this software is useful for you and you can install it based on the link we have provided for you. As an Android user, you can install the official application by entering the Google Play Store. On the other hand, for those who want to use this software as Windows for a long time, we have given a link, if you click there, you will get the option to use the software.

Based on the correct instructions given by us above, you can collect their official applications and open the account based on the correct instructions and make it useful. Moreover, if there is any kind of problem in logging in, you must contact their customer service center so that you can easily solve all their problems. We have mentioned here all the means of communication with them for you.

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