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Qiwa platform provides services and solutions related to the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development to enhance the services provided to the Saudi Arabian. Qiwa has now created a special website to provide all kinds of facilities only to the citizens who are in Saudi Arabia on the basis of which the citizens of this country can enjoy the facilities within a short period of time.

Today we are going to discuss another popular website in Saudi Arabia based on which the people living here are getting all kinds of services and solutions. So those who are going to conduct activities on the basis of the official website must follow the instructions below and follow the services that are currently being provided to them on the basis of this website.

qiwa.sa Register

Qiwa authorities are now offering special facilities due to which you have to register on their official website to use their services. In this case you must follow our instructions for registration and we have shared a link here where after clicking you will see an official home page where you can see the registration option.

First you need to use an email address or mobile number. Next you need to correctly mention your full name and personal information. If the information you use is correct, a verification code will be sent to your email address and you can complete the registration by entering that code. In this way, once the registration is completed, you can use all the services they have next.

www.qiwa.sa Login

Qiwa Citizens outside Saudi Arabia are still not familiar with this website, so you should always collect information about this website. In this case, if you have already opened an account, at this moment you have to login on the basis of their official server. Do you know how to login through this website and if you don’t know this information then definitely follow our instructions properly.


If you look a little you will see a link here and click on that link. After entering the free web site, you will get the option of setting the identity number or email address. Enter your number or email address correctly. You will get the option to set a password in your section. Enter the correct password that you used while opening the account. If the information you used is correct, click on the last one and enter there to know about all the information you need to know.

Qiwa Phone Number

Qiwa now has good news for you that you can now enter your profile to contact them. I have seen many people who have faced various complications and to avoid all these complications, you must accept their customer support. In this case, if we want to tell you that there are all the easy ways to contact them, we have shared their phone numbers and email addresses here. If you want, you can contact them now and mention your problem using the phone numbers that we have given here for you.

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