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Robi Postpaid to Prepaid Migration System 2023

Today we are going to discuss how to convert from Robi Postpaid SIM to Prepaid SIM. Its telecom operators provide the most powerful network and low cost internet packages in Bangladesh. Due to which many users are now willing to switch back to prepaid.

For them, today’s article will play an important role in the world as we have discussed in detail here how to do Robi Postpaid SIM Migration. We hope you’ll follow our instructions and there are several offers waiting for you after the prepaid migration.

But sadly, many people do not know how to convert a postpaid SIM to a prepaid SIM, so we have written this article today to show them the right way. Where we have introduced the system for smooth migration of prepaid and postpaid SIMs.

Robi Prepaid Migration Offer

If any user converts themselves to prepaid from their official website and several campaigns recently, you will have attractive call rate offer, free SMS attractive bundle offer and minute offer. Below is the detailed information that you can enjoy all the offers from Robi to Robi EIS conversion for your convenience.

Robi Postpaid Balance Check Code

  • Opportunity to talk to any number at the lowest rate in the country.
  • 1 second pulse unconditionally.
  • 200 Taka credit balance.
  • 100 free SMS per month that you can send to any operator in the country.
  • Attractive bundle offer.

Robi Prepaid to Postpaid Migration System

Those of you who want to convert from Robi prepaid SIM to postpaid must contact some nearest Robi service point directly. Robi Customer Service Center officers will help you to migrate west from prepaid SIM. For your convenience, we have presented below all the documents required for prepaid to postpaid.

  • Your voter ID card.
  • Passport size photo.
  • You have to keep the SIM from which you want to post active and go to the customer service center on your mobile phone.
  • They will help you with all the information.

Robi Postpaid to Prepaid Migration System

For your convenience, we would like to say that at present Robi has not introduced any specific rules for prepaid from postpaid. However, if you have any information in this regard, you can contact them with all the necessary documents at the top of the Robi Customer Service Center.

Customer Service Center authorities will be able to help you with any information. We hope you will know all the detailed rules for prepaid from Robi Postpaid. So there is no reason to despair, contact Robi Customer Service Center and collect important information.


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