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50+ New Sad Bio for Instagram 2023 for Boys & Girls

Whenever someone opens an account on a popular social media platform like Instagram, there is a desire to use a beautiful bio. After Facebook, Instagram is one of the most popular social media used by most people in Asia. Although Facebook does not have all the features of text messaging, audio and video calling, you can easily use all the other features of Facebook on Instagram.

One of the popular features of Instagram nowadays is the bio which a user can easily share on their timeline. Any Instagram user, old or new, can now share such beautiful bios from their timeline. But in this case it is most important that you use your own written bio and when people read your bio, they will know the information about your point of view.

A beautiful brother and a beautiful expression of your mentality that’s why you should write something beautiful whenever your bio is shared from Instagram. This way your followers get a rough idea about you and try to contact you accordingly. There are many people who can create such beautiful Instagram bios by themselves, but in most cases, they want to copy them from the Internet and use them.

We have been able to share beautiful instagram bio for you with several writers special for you. So without wasting time, you can use your precious time and copy any bio of your choice from here. Then you can share it from your instagram timeline and spread it among your friends and your friends will get an idea about you after reading them.

Sad Bio for Instagram for Boys

As a boy you may be upset for some reason and because of that upset you can use a nice bio for your upset book publishing event from instagram account. As the number of boys using Instagram is very high and boys are now a little careful about using a nice bio there. If you fail in love or you are sad because of family reasons, then you need to give a sad bio on Instagram to express such badness. Anyway, we have shared here some sad bios for you which can be easily shared from your timeline.

  • I want to escape to a place where my feelings and thoughts won’t haunt me, anyone.
  • I’m out of emotions, just filled with emptiness.
  • You realize that breathing is hard when you cry so much.
  • I didn’t expect to get my heart back in pieces. I gave it to you in one piece.
  • I’ll never forget you because you’ve changed me forever.
  • Sadness comes from negative thoughts, not from bad circumstances.
  • I don’t want to brace myself anymore.

Short Sad Bio for Instagram

There are some specific guidelines for using bio on Instagram, if you follow them we know that you can only write some information about yourself in 35 words. You can’t write anything more than a word of mouth, that is, you can use a brief information about yourself in your Instagram bio. For this purpose, if you are upset, always want to update some details of that time in the profile.

  • Behind my smile is a lot of sadness you’ll not understand.
  • You pushed me away, I’ll leave, but never stop caring.
  • Life’s saddest part is bidding farewell to someone you wish to spend your life with.
  • Sometimes you need to forget about someone you once liked and move on.
  • Somewhere in my heart, I still hope everything will be alright someday.
  • Just because I don’t cry doesn’t mean I’m not suffering.
  • I’m supposed to not care; I’m supposed to not miss you.
  • You were my sickness, but I was your cure. You were killing me while I was saving you.
  • I smile because it’s easier than explaining why I’m sad.
  • I’m nothing without you because I gave you my everything.
  • Nothing hurts more than discovering that you meant nothing to him when he meant everything to you.
  • Even if we’re not together and far away, I will always care for you.
  • It was like a fairy tale until you pushed me away.
  • Grief is the price we pay for love when all is said and done.
  • I am not capable of love, even though I have a heart.

Since you have special precautions in using Instagram well, you can definitely use a short bio. We have shared some beautiful short sad Instagram bios as per your taste and preference. After collecting them, when they are shared from your timeline, people will change their attitude towards you and you will realize that in bad times these are your real friends and who are fake.

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