Sonali e Wallet to bKash | Send BEFTN to bKash

Those of you who use Sonali Bank account will already know that Sonali Bank has recently launched digital banking services to compete with other banks. Due to which now you can easily transfer money to Sonali Bank using a mobile application.

BEFTN which means Bangladesh Electronic Funds Transfer Network. Although the system of transferring money to development through Sonali e-wallet has been recently launched, it has not been implemented successfully so far. Because the app developer has been working on this issue for a long time.

For those of you who want to transfer money from Sonali Wallet to Bikash, today’s article is written where we are going to show you how to transact money. So read our full article and transfer money to bKash through bKash very easily.

Sonali e-Wallet Bank to Bank BEFTN

You can easily transfer money from bank to bank via BEFTN from home. In this case, you no longer need to go to Sonali Bank and stand in a long line to cash money or transfer money to another bank by filling the transfer voucher.

How to give Nagad Biddut Bill?

You can now easily send money from one bank to another through Sonali Wallet or Bank to Bank money transfer from home. This golden opportunity is only for digital bank so you have to install this application and use all these features.

Sonali e Wallet to bKash Money Transfer

Those of you who are using Sonali e-Wallet application will know that bKash Mobile Banking has now introduced the option to transfer money very easily. However, it has not been implemented properly yet as the work of the app has not been completed yet, but it is expected that it will be launched soon.

TAP Mobile Banking Menu

You can easily link your bank account with your bKash account and in that case you can deposit the balance in your bKash account as Sonali Bank or transfer money from Sonali Bank to bKash.

Sonali e-Wallet Biddut Bill, Water Bill

Sonali e Wallet is a digital app that introduces banking to us very simply. You get all the services that other mobile banking services will have in Sonali Wallet. The electricity bill, water bill, gas bill and any other bill payment option you get in this application due to which you can no longer pay the electricity bill standing in a long line.

However, in this case, Sonali Bank branch is not activating the app if the account holder is older, it may be due to security reasons. We hope you will be able to do any other type of electricity bill through Sonali Wallet. Stay tuned to our website to learn about any mobile banking other than Sonali Digital Banking Services.


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