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Super Sony Bus Counter Contact Number, Online Ticket Price

The bus service that has always played an important role in establishing road connectivity in the northern districts of Bangladesh is Super Sony Bus. If you want to travel with the aim of comfortable and safe transportation, then this transport is ready to provide you the maximum service. Every day we run from one end of the country to the other for various tasks. For whom we like to travel by bus most of the time.

If you want to travel by bus then Sony Bus is always ready for you if you are going out for any work in these places. Super Sony Bus Authority has more than 50 advanced powerful engine driven buses which are plying on the road from morning to night at various times. Because of which if you want to travel through this bus service then you must know about their counter number and how to book tickets online.

Super Sony Bus Authority has created an official website through which all the information from their bus schedule has been consistently presented in category wise. After analyzing the website, we have published here all the information you need for your travel. So you must know the contact number of Super Sony bus counter and ticket price from below.

Super Sony Bus Counter Contact Number

The prerequisite for traveling by bus is to gather all the information about the bus service you are interested in traveling through. In this age of current information technology, it is possible to collect all information from home through internet.

For those of you who are looking for contact numbers of Super Sony Bus counters, we have published the list and phone numbers of all the counters spread across the country through their official website. You can get any information related to bus schedule and ticket price by collecting the counter number from your nearest area.


Gabtoli Counter
Phone:- 01701-764126

Khalek Pump, Kollaynpur
Phone:- 01701-764159

Ishordi Counter

Ishordi bus terminal
Phone:- 01701-764123

Lalpur bus stand
Phone:- 01701-764122

Bagha Counter

Bagha old bus terminal
Phone:- 01701-764121

Super Sony Bus Ticket Price

Before traveling by Super Sony Bus, you must know about the ticket price that is fixed for the journey. Authorities sell tickets at low prices to provide maximum service to passengers. For those of you who are looking for Super Sony bus ticket prices online, here we have mentioned the fare list with prices. You can see the fare of your destination and book tickets easily online.

According to the information given above, all the words that we have presented for you are collected from each official website. Feel free to follow our instructions and collect your information easily.


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