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TIN Certificate Download by NID Number

TIN which full meaning Tax Identification Number. TIN (Tax Identification Number) certificate is most important for a Bangladeshi citizen and as a citizen you must collect it. But there are many people who are not aware about how to apply for tax identification number online and how to download its certificate online. For your information we have published here the specific rules for downloading TIN certificate.

What is TIN Certificate?

At the beginning of the discussion, we are going to give you an idea of what the TIN certificate is, which means that as a citizen of a country, when you have a lot of money and wealth, you must pay a certain amount of tax on your income or wealth to the government. In this case you can now register for tax payment online and also download the certificate to prove the registration you have completed.

TIN certificate can be used for various purposes in our early life such as when you take any type of loan from the bank or deposit money in the bank, this certificate plays the most important role for you. If you collect this number of 10 digits in total, you can enjoy all kinds of facilities in the next step. So, based on our discussion, you have correctly understood how TIN works.

TIN Certificate Download by NID Number

In this era of information technology you can now collect everything online and download your A certificate using your National Identity Card number. For those who want to collect TIN certificate or have already completed the application, I would like to say that you may be interested in using this certificate for various purposes, so you should download it and collect a print copy of it and use it for various purposes.

If you have already completed the registration, you don’t need to register again to collect the certificate. But for those of you who want to download this certificate, I would like to say that you need to register first. First we have shared the detailed rules with you for the purpose of registration.


  • Here we have shared an official link for you where you first need to enter the website.
  • First you need to use a user ID which you can use to login next time.
  • Use a strong password and repeat the same password you used earlier in the section below.
  • You will be asked a question and write the answer to this question correctly so that if you face any problem later you can solve it by answering this question.
  • You must select Bangladesh as a citizen of the country that you are a citizen of.
  • Enter the mobile number you are using correctly.
  • Enter the email address you use correctly.
  • Finally you have to answer a security question and complete the registration by answering the security question correctly.

Then the registration will be completed by sending a verification code to your mobile number and will be entered in your profile. In the next step, enter your national identity card number correctly in the appropriate place. Submit after writing your National Identity Card number in your profile. If the information you have used is correct, your National Identity Card number has been added. Finally you are able to download the certificate.

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