Titumir Express Train Schedule, Ticket Price, Route, Tracking

Are you looking for Rajshahi to Chilahati train schedule and ticket fare list? But I’d say you’ve come to the right place, as we’re going to reveal in this article. About Titumi Express Train Schedule and Ticket Fare List.

Also you can get some ideas about the trucking of this Titumir Express train. Titumir Express train runs regularly from Rajshahi to Chilahati and Chilahati to Rajshahi. So if you want to travel from Rajshahi to Chilahati by train.

In that case it is very important to know about your schedule and fare. You will understand after reading this article. At some point this Titumir Express train leaves for Chilahati. And what time it reaches Chilahati station and how much fare you have to pay as a result of traveling in this train.

So you will know very easily if you read this complete article of ours carefully. So without further delay read this complete of ours carefully right away. And know about Titumi Express train schedule and ticket fare list. Train is a preferred mode of transportation for every people.

Because by train journey people can enjoy a very comfortable journey. Due to which the human body does not feel any fatigue and people can reach their destination very easily. For example, we face many difficulties while traveling by bus. Like traffic jams, bus traffic also causes a lot of noise.

Because of which many people get tired. But for long distance journeys one should always opt for train. Because the comfortable train journey will help you to travel for a long time. Also the fare you have to pay due to the train journey. It is much less than other vehicles.

Because train is a state vehicle of Bangladesh. And in the case of it being a state, the train authority charges a very low fare for the benefit of the people of this country. So a train journey saves a lot of money. It is for these thousands of benefits that people travel by train.

So those of you who want to go from Rajshahi to Chilahati by Titumir Express train. They know well about this Titumir Express train schedule and ticket fare. So know now without delay. About Titumir Express train schedule and ticket fare list.

Titumir Express Train Schedule:

Titumir Express train schedule is mentioned below.

(Rajshahi to Chilahati)
Departure time :06:20
Arrival time : 13:00
holidays; on wednesday

(Chilahati to Rajshahi)
Departure time: 14:20
Arrival time : 21:00
Holiday: Wednesday

Titumir Express Train Ticket Fare List:

If you want to go from Rajshahi to Chilahati or from Chilahati to Rajshahi in this Titumir Express train. In that case the rent you have to pay is mentioned below.

First seat: 175 Tk
First berth: 360 taka
Snigdha: 354 Tk
AC Seat : 414 Tk
AC Berth: Rs.621

Titumir Express Train Tracking:

Nowadays everything is modern so people can do everything very easily. For example, if you want to find this Titumir Express train or want to know about the train, like where Kranti is currently and more detailed information, you can find it at home through a mobile phone.

You can track and know about this train through a mobile phone. All you have to do is to go to the SMS option from a mobile, write TR, put the name and code of the specific train and send it to this number 16318, then the next SMS will tell you where the train is located. Through which you can easily know about this train.

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