Urea Test Price in Bangladesh

You are suffering from a lot of illness and you have a lot of problems so you have resorted to a doctor. The doctor can order a blood urea nitrogen test after seeing all your symptoms or all your problems.

You are right, today we will discuss in detail about Urea Test and try to give you all the information about Urea Test like other articles. Those of you who have gone to the doctor for a test or who have not yet done this test can do our article.

The main reason for reading our article is that you will know how much it will cost you and what kind of preparation you need to take to get this test done. We will also tell you about many unknown things about the test and how to consult a doctor as a first aid.

Why do Urea Test?

Usually your doctor can order you to have a blood urea nitrogen test for regular health screening of your body and you will have to do this. Through this test the doctor wants to see how well your kidneys are working.

Here urea nitrogen is a normal waste product that is produced in our body after we eat it. The liver we have breaks down the proteins in our diet and like a banana it makes urea nitrogen in the blood which is also known as ban.

About Urea Test Report

Went to the doctor and the doctor told you to do a urea test. You don’t understand why you should do a urea test. Your kidneys are a very important part of the body so if you want to keep your kidneys healthy, you must do regular checkups. If your urea test report is bad then you will think what kind of problem you have in your kidneys.

Having kidney problems means you have a big problem so you need to see a kidney specialist without delay and take treatment as per his advice. Hope you understand.

There are many things known and unknown about Urea Test

When your kidneys are not healthy they have to remove urea and it leaves more in the blood. A blood urea nitrogen test called a bun or serum bun test measures how much waste is in your blood. If your levels are out of normal, it could mean that your kidneys or your liver are not working properly.

You do not need to take any preparation to do the test. You can do this test with a little blood and get the test report in a short time at very low cost.

Urea Test Cost

Although the test is a small test, the most important test in our body is the urea test. We have said before and still say that every waste product in your blood is measured by this urea test so you must do this test.

Those of you who want to take a urea test from a government hospital or Kurmitola General Hospital can spend a maximum of Rs 50.

But those who want to get tested in big private institutions across the country like Popular Diagnostic Center and LabAid Hospital will have to spend Rs 250 to Rs 300. Whatever the cost, you must think about it and the health of your body will depend on yourself.

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