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Exercise is very important to keep our body healthy and normal. Due to busy work, we keep our brain busy for a long time, in addition to our physical exertion, our body may get tired, on the other hand, there are many people who have become fat at a young age due to sitting at home. In this situation, their health is greatly affected, which is why they want to take a walk on the advice of their doctor.

If you are a resident of Singapore then the good news for you is that you can now earn money daily just by walking. Since Singapore is a developed country, you can earn more or less money by doing almost any job here. Today we have presented some detailed information about the easy way to earn money by walking.

Walk and Earn Money in Singapore

We all know more or less about earning money online but I must collect some information to know about the fact that you can earn money by walking. Based on today’s discussion, we will introduce you to several applications that you can easily earn by Atari after downloading the apps.

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On the other hand, there are several offline jobs that will earn you money as you walk as they are essential for your health as well as play an important role in improving your financial condition. You must follow our instructions and earn money by walking online.

Baby Sitting 

Working people and businessmen in Singapore usually cannot take care of their children properly, so they hire a person to take care of their children. Baby sitting is a very important job in Singapore which is why many unemployed young men and women do this job.

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Baby sitting is taking the baby along in the free time every morning or afternoon. You will usually be paid a certain amount daily for this work. I think it is golden opportunity to earn money by walking.

Walking with Pet

If you have any kind of pets at home you usually want to take them for a walk during your free time. But you can hire a person in case you don’t get enough time due to busy schedule. Yes friends, working businessmen in Singapore usually hire one person to walk their pet dog and cat in the afternoon. If you want, you can earn 10 dollars a day by spending free time in the afternoon with these dogs and cats.

Walk & Earn Money App

With the advancement of information technology, various types of applications have been introduced to earn money. However, in this part of the discussion, we have mentioned and published the list of all the applications that are available to earn money online just by walking. You can easily download our applications from Google Play Store.

  • Runister – earn for every 1.6km ran.
  • Dietbet – bet on your weight loss goals.
  • StepBet – take leisurely walks and hikes for the ka-ching.
  • RunBet – easy paced challenges for indoor and outdoor running.
  • HealthyWage – hit your weight loss target and earn up to $10k.

You can easily get all the apps that we have mentioned above in Google Playstore. After installing the app you have to register with your personal information. After the registration is completed, you will be given various instructions. If you follow the instructions, you will be able to earn money.


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