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Watch Videos and Earn Money in Namibia 2024

If we all know more or less about earning money from online, then you have to accept your idea about the fact that if you work in any sector, you can earn huge amount of money from it. Namibia is currently a popular country in the world and this country has currently expanded information and communication technology. Due to which all the citizens who are in the country are now very much involved in online based work and they are interested to earn money by working online.

The good news for those of you who want to earn online from a small country like Namibia is that today we have shared with you detailed information about how to earn from watching videos in Namibia through this article. Here we will introduce you to several websites and mobile applications where you can collaborate and get paid very easily after work.

Every time of our life is very valuable because of which we can use this precious time as a source of earning our money. Usually we watch different types of videos as a center of our entertainment but have you ever thought that video shows can be made as a source of your income. So let’s know how to earn money from Namibia by watching videos online through this article.


PrizeRebel is one of the most popular websites nowadays which now targets online marketers who share various types of ads and videos. No matter where you live in the world, you can easily earn 5 to 20 dollars a day by doing various small jobs with the help of this website. Since you are living in Namibia, you can now start these small tasks from your mobile phone from home.

To earn through this website they have official link which you have to enter first. After entering the website, various options will appear in front of you, since you have not created an account, you have to click on the signup option. After providing appropriate information your account will be created and you can create your own profile here.

Earn Money by Watching Videos 

Finally you will be verified through your profile and your profile will be complete through your email id verification. In the next step, you will be shown different types of videos. If you watch all these videos for more than one minute, you will see that dollars will accumulate in your account. In this way, the more videos you watch from your profile, the more income you can earn.


SwagBucks is one of the most popular websites these days where you are given the opportunity to do a variety of tasks starting from surveys. If you don’t have any skills then you can now earn from this website just by watching videos from Namibia. According to the rules of this website, a person can now create a profile from any part of the world and start getting various types of jobs there.

After entering the website, you will be instructed to open the account. If you can open the account properly, then you will see that the type of work you are interested in will be displayed in front of you. Since you want to earn by watching videos, select the option to watch videos and different types of videos will be displayed in front of you. When you finish watching the video, you will notice that your account will start accumulating dollars and if you earn more than five dollars, you can withdraw it through your PayPal account.

This was an easy way to earn money by watching videos from the online sector. We have shared all the information in detail for you and we hope that if you can follow our instructions properly then you can definitely earn by watching videos. To know any information related to online income, you can get detailed knowledge from our other articles.

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