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YTL Communications or YTL Communications Sdn. Bhd. dba Yes is a mobile network operator in Malaysia, the fifth in the country overall. As a Malaysian citizen you may be using this telecommunication operator. Because this telecom operator is currently providing the amount of Internet offers in Malaysia at affordable prices, no other operator is offering as an offer. Moreover, operator users can talk to different numbers within the country and outside the country at low cost.

Their headquarters are currently located in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. This telecommunications operator was established on 19th November 2010 and since then has been serving the needs of Malaysian citizens. Due to which they have gained recognition in a short period of time and they have been able to fulfill all the needs of the customers.

The good news for YES operator users is that now several campaigns have been launched through which new offers are being provided. If you are covered by this offer then notice that an SMS has reached your number through this SMS you can accept the offers. If there is any problem with your internet minutes or talk then contact their customer support to solve this problem.

Currently YES customer service centers have been launched in each region of Malaysia in the divisional cities so now you will get their customer support in your divisional city. The officers who are in these customer service centers are always dedicated to your work. You present all the problems you are facing to them and they will try to solve your problem after listening to your problem.

Their customer service officers are always there for you so that if you face any problem they can solve your problem immediately. Moreover, you can talk about your problem through all the groups on their official website and Facebook WhatsApp group. They have live chat facility to chat online due to which you can now talk directly with the customer service officer who is with them online.

There are many of us who express interest in contacting them through email, given special opportunity as their email id’s are now added to the official website. Due to which even if you visit their official website and click on the contact-us option, their email ID will be displayed in front of you. You can send email to them mentioning the problem you are facing. The authorities will try their best to solve your problem based on the message received from your e-mail account.

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