Banglalink Minute Offer 2024

There are a total of five telecommunication mobile operators in Bangladesh who have been competing with each other for a long time. 

Bangalink Telecom is one of the largest subscriber mobile operators in the country.  It has been gaining popularity among the customers for a long time by offering low cost internet minutes and SMS packs.  Today we are going to present to you the Banglalink Minute Offer.

In today’s discussion we have presented the details of all the bundle packs available to the Bengalis and everything including the activation code.  So if you are a Banglalink user then you must read the article and you can buy any minute pack of your choice.

Banglalink Minute Offer List

It seems that no other mobile operator in our country offers Banglalink mobile operators with low cost minute packs. 

New Year’s Banglalink has added a number of interesting minute offers aimed at giving its customers everything in a new way. We have compiled a list of these and published it here.  We hope you’ll take the minute pack out of the list to suit your tastes and buy it before the end of the offer.

For the purpose of the subscribers, the mobile operator has been added 19 minutes, 28 minutes, 45 minutes, 55 minutes, 90 minutes, 120 minutes, 175 minutes, 250 minutes, 300 minutes, 340minutes, 460 minutes, 510 minutes and 1010 minutes at lowest rates.

Banglalink Minute Offer Today

Banglalink Mobile Telecom Operator has taken a huge place in the minds of the customers with new and attractive offers every day. 

Detailed information regarding all the daily internet pack minute offers is usually sent to the customers through mobile messages as well as regular updates on the official website. 

If you are interested to know about Banglalink’s daily minute offer then the good news for you is that you will get this information through two channels. 

First you can check the regular SMS on your mobile as all the offer related messages are sent regularly to the mobile operator. 

Secondly, by visiting the official website, you provide your phone number in the specified place or the home page of the official website provides information about all the offers.

Banglalink Minute Offer Check Code

The above information is presented consistently with Banglalink’s minute duration but now a question in the minds of our customers is how do we check the Banglalink minute offer i.e. how do we check if I am eligible for the offer. 

The good news for you is that if you want to buy the offer, be sure to check it out before you buy.  If you have received any message from Banglalink offer then if you are not eligible for this offer then you will not get the offer.  Let’s not know Banglalink Minute Offer Check Code We have checked each offer and arranged it here continuously.

Banglalink Minute Offer 5tk

There is a cheap one minute offer for Banglalink customers if they want to talk through voice call to express their feelings at low cost. 

As a Banglalink customer you can get 12 minutes talk time for only 5 taka.  You have to collect this party by dialing USSD code as it is not possible to buy this offer through mobile recharge.  So those of you who want to buy Bengali Minute Offer must go to the dial pad of mobile and dial.

Dial *121*5#

Banglalink Minute Offer 7 Days

For those of you who are interested in talking for a short time but need a little more time, Banglalink has shared several weekly packs. 

Because we have 7 days a week this pack can be used by any local operator in the country.  Those of you who want to buy this offer can easily buy by recharging mobile or dialing USSD code.

Banglalink 30 Days Minute Offer

Banglalink has launched several minute packs for a period of 30 days for the purpose of customer service.  If you have been in need of a minute pack for a long time, now you can get a lot of offers at low cost.  It has recently decided to launch the offers through the official website and several TV apps and those of you who want to buy must purchase the offers as soon as possible by dialing the mobile recharge USSD code.

Information for the Customers

Banglalink is the largest and most popular television network service company in the country.  This mobile network service has reached every corner of the country due to which the number of subscribers is very high and it continues to win the hearts of the subscribers with all the great features. 

The Telecom Operator offers all the fun offers for both prepaid and postpaid customers and you will find Banglalink’s minute offer at the lowest price which we hope you will never find in any other mobile operator. 

According to our information, you can buy any minute of Banglalink properly, but keep in mind that your mobile balance must be the same amount of money, otherwise it is not possible to buy any minute.


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