Bike Helmet Price in Bangladesh 2024 – Best Helmet in Low Price

Nowadays we always use bikes to travel on the roads. Motorcycle is a vehicle through which we can now reach from one place to another place in the country in a quick time. Motorcycles are now the most popular among the vehicles to reach in a short time at low cost and we now have many people who buy these motorcycles. After buying any bike from the famous brands of motorcycles in the market of the country, you must have the ability to ride it.

You have to collect all kinds of equipment to avoid motorcycle accidents, one of which is the helmet. Bike helmets are a name of safety for those of us who ride motorcycles. Moreover, the Ministry of Roads and Communications of Bangladesh has issued instructions for the use of helmets and fines are imposed for any person who does not wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle.

So you understand how important a bike helmet is in your daily life or when you think far away you have to use it. However, currently in the market of the country, different types of helmets have been made for us to drive vehicles safely. Today’s article mentions the prices of some popular brands of bike helmets in Bangladesh. You choose any helmet of your choice and try to buy it from the market after knowing its price.

Best Helmet Price in Bangladesh

When purchasing any product from the market we are always more interested in purchasing the best product. In this situation, when you are using a bike helmet for the sake of your safety, you should definitely use the best helmet in the market. In this situation, we are going to mention the prices of several popular helmets in the current market for you, along with the model of each helmet.



Before buying a helmet you must take special precautions and you have to pay special attention to purchase original brand items. Because of this, before buying the product from the market, you must follow our article and after knowing about the price of this helmet, after seeing its performance, buy the helmet of your choice. Moreover, we have mentioned all the features of the helmet for you. So you can choose any helmet you like and buy it.

  • Axor Apex Solid. Price: 6800 BDT.
  • Caberg Jackal Imola. Price: 15990 BDT.
  • Bilmola Defender. Price: 8700 BDT.
  • KYT NFR. Price: 14000 BDT.
  • Suomy SR-GP. Price: 49990 BDT.
  • ICON Airflite. Price: 38000 BDT.
  • MT Stinger. Price: 4999 BDT.
  • Yohe YBK 603. Price: 900 BDT.

Yamaha Helmet Price in Bangladesh

Yamaha is one of the most popular motorcycle companies in the world today and under this company every motorcycle equipment is sold. The products of this company are much more durable and strong and can be used for a long time. Due to which people all over the world are now interested in buying the helmets made by Yamaha and you as a citizen of Bangladesh may now want to know the price of this helmet. For you, we have mentioned here all the Yamaha band helmets available in the market of our country along with their models and prices. Moreover, the functions of each helmet are also mentioned here. You can definitely buy them from any nearby Yamaha showroom after knowing the price from us.

Honda Helmet Price in Bangladesh

Several helmets of the Honda brand are now available in the country’s market, due to which these helmets are very useful for those who ride bikes. If you are interested in buying a Honda helmet right now, we have shared a special list for you that after reading it you can buy the product of your choice from the market. So those who are interested in buying Honda brand helmet for a long time can definitely buy it according to the price after collecting the article from here.

But we want to tell you that before buying any product from the market, you must buy it from the official website with its fixed price. However, the price of the commodity market always fluctuates due to which the price of the helmet may change at any time. So you must keep updating this article so that you can buy the product from the market at the correct and fair price.

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