Biman Bandar To Poradha Train Schedule & Ticket Price

Intercity train is known as the fastest train in Bangladesh. It operates more or less on every route in Bangladesh. So if there are such quality trains running from airport to Poradah route. Then the interest of every person to travel in these trains will increase. And people can reach Poradah from the airport very easily.

Bangladesh Railway Office has given that facility. A total of three intercity trains are running from the airport to Poradah. So people do not face any difficulty in traveling on this route. People are traveling by train very comfortably. Just to enjoy a little better journey.

So those of you who want to travel from the airport via intercity train. He made the right decision. Because this train will give you a beautiful journey. You can reach your destination without any fatigue. So know about Airport to Poradah train schedule.

Airport to Poradah Train Schedule:

The intercity train that runs from the airport to Poradah. These trains are some of the very famous trains of Bangladesh. They are Sundarban Express (726) and Cheetah Express (764), these two trains are constantly traveling on Poradah route as per the scheduled time of Bangladesh Railway office.

People do not have to face any difficulty in their journey due to following the rules and regulations. So people are freely traveling in this intercity train day after day.


Train Name Sundarban Express (726)
Departure from Airport: 08:42
Burns arrives at: 14:01
Holiday: Wednesday

Train Name: Cheetah Express (764)
Departure from airport: 19:27
Burnt reaches: 00:16
Holiday: Monday

You have seen the schedule of the two trains. This train is the schedule of two intercity trains. These two trains run at this scheduled time. If you want to go by this train. Then you have to appear at the station at this time.

If you lose any time, you will not be able to catch these trains. So you have to appear at the station on time. But you can go by this train. So it is important to pay attention to the timing of the trains. Moreover, you can take note of these times now.

Airport to Poradah Train Ticket/Fare List:

You don’t have to pay much fare from the airport. You can go to Pordah according to the fare set by the Bangladesh Railway office. If you want to travel from the airport, then you can go from a minimum of 300 taka to a maximum of 1080 taka.

As you all know that there are many cabins in the train that the facilities of the cabins are almost different. A cabin is also listed separately due to its various amenities. Within those seat categories, the train seat categories are divided by the names of Sobhon, Sobhon Chair, First Seat, Snigdha, AC, AC Berth.


The fares of these sections are almost different and the benefits will be different so you can buy the tickets according to the seat fare of your choice.

You will get the train full at the ticket counter of the station but yes don’t buy the ticket given by any other person because of this you may face a lot of difficulties on the journey. So if you want to buy tickets you have to buy them from the station ticket counter. As a result, I think you will not have to face any difficulties.

The information you got from our article. All these information are collected from Bangladesh Railway office official website only for your convenience we publish or have done.

This information is given to you so that you do not have to suffer any kind of inconvenience while traveling by train. By getting all these information, all the unknown things about the train journey from Airport to Paddah route may have become very easy for you.


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